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West Nile Is Not Just A Virus In Egypt
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Louis Canning scooped up first-year Martha -- with whom Alicia once identified before being told she was actually more of a Caitlin -- and joined forces with Patti Nyholm to take L/G down. Kalinda has rid the show (and maybe the world) of Nick Savarese, but still has a way to go before earning back Alicia's trust and love. Trustee Clarke Hayden has fallen for both Cary Agos and the practice of law, and is still pissed at the named partners for undercutting a merger deal that would have dismantled the firm. The DOJ is showing marked but possibly fake interest in Eli Gold's political work, which is especially bad for our guys, now that the elusive but always troubling Wendy Scott-Carr has joined the US Attorneys.


Cary is working a case here at home, against a very pulled-together grownup Martha, involving a young ballerina's destruction at the hands of the West Nile virus, which she contracted from some foreclosed properties. We're suing the bank for not taking the proper precautions: Abandoned swimming pools and water features which ended up hosting the bug that got her. Alicia's out in the field, waiting around a Minnesota B&B for a meeting with the bank president, who is represented by Louis Canning. Because where there are industrial malfeasance or toxic torts, so too will you find Louis Canning.


Sensing a stormcloud gathering, Will Gardner excuses himself from the deposition of the little girl to have a quick skulk with his partner Diane Lockhart.

Diane: "How's the depo going?"
Will: "Martha is like, so annoying. Luckily, so is Cary."
Diane: "Check it. A notice of mediation, on our whole bankruptcy deal."
Will: "But we still have five weeks before we've absolutely proven we ruined this business!"
Diane: "I know, right? On the other hand, that's five weeks to raise a total of $60M, so maybe they have a point."
Will: "Does this mean we have to talk to Clarke Hayden? For being such an adorable little badger I have come to shudder in his presence."
Diane: "Well, if we're getting called to the carpet, so's he. I'd like to see what he looks like afraid. Listen, you just focus on pimping that little ballerina out. We need at least ten million from this one."

Bank Douche: "Sorry we didn't like cover the pools, but it's not like we stagnated the water ourselves. It was already stagnant."

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