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Diane got Alicia a small raise and a large bonus after Canning's job offer came back around, and is even now juggling her two hottest suitors ever. Somebody reported Will to the Bar for doing exactly what he's doing, which Will ignored and kept doing it because when your partners include David Lee, Eli Gold and Julius Cain, that's just the price of doing business. Cary took the hit for Peter Florricks' quasi-accidental institutionalized racism, and her sweet meeting with him got her so pumped that Alicia pressure, Alicia's somewhat shapeless life at the moment, and everybody's jobs being in total flux all the time.


Kalinda: "I'm not sure how to answer..."
Alicia: "Look, I understand that we both say as little as possible, all the time. This show is practically The Artist even when we're feeling exuberant..."
Kalinda: "No, I mean I have an obligation to the people that pay me under the table to keep it there."
Alicia: "That's not a legal thing, though. As I'm sure you're aware, you're not a lawyer."
Kalinda: "Explain my storyline again?"

Gladly. The IRS, for some reason, has decided to be uppity about Kalinda's reported income. On the basis of one check for four grand, which comes from a dummy account, they've decided they want full accounting for all her freelance work over the last three tax periods (which is either three years, or less than a year depending on whether she's doing the smart thing as a freelancer and paying forward quarterly, but I'm guessing it's three years).

Alicia: "Okay, Mr. Cellophane, how about this other check, from a FRP Inc., for $2500. The memo just says Three days' unspecified and very likely shady Kalinda Stuff."
Kalinda: "That... Is for somebody you know. It's weird."
Alicia: "Bitch if you are talking about my husband I swear to God."
Kalinda: "Er, hang on."

Kalinda literally sprints up outta that piece, has a quick confab with Diane -- to which we are not privy -- and then returns, so quickly the papers haven't yet finished wafting to the floor, and looks brightly at Alicia as though maybe she were so very fast that Alicia didn't notice she'd left, Superman style.

Kalinda: "Let's say it was for Diane Lockhart. Let's say it was firearm training, for that time she thought she was going to get murdered and reversed her position on gun control, forcing her dog Justice to call her a champagne liberal. The worst, but also the only effective kind of liberal."

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