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Looking For Mr. Bitcoin
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Another day, another smirking scofflaw in the Lockhart, Gardner reception area. This is a Mr. Stack, Jason Biggs-played and tailored-suit wearing, who grins at the black-suited gentlemen shadowing him as though he is untouchable.

Alicia: "Mr. Stack? I'm Alicia Florrick. You're here to bother me?"
Suits: "This is a mistake, Mr. Stack. You walk through that door, we can't help you."
Stack: (Mugging, smirking, etc.)


Alicia: "Okay, what is your deal? And let me say from the start that we're a full-service firm, we don't really do walk-ins. I had a busy day of avoiding people that were recently central to my life ahead of me."
Stack: "I'm not a walk-in! I called ahead."
Alicia: "To tell me you were walking in, yes. That's where the term comes from. Who were those dudes, and what do you want."
Stack: "They were agents of the US Treasury, and they want to put me in jail for not revealing my client's name."

Alicia nods at Kalinda, who goes out to bother the Treasury guys and get their badge numbers and stuff.


Stack: "I practice digital information law in New York. The US Treasury wants to arrest one of my clients, a client who asked that I maintain his anonymity. This is a subpoena to submit to questioning, or be imprisoned for 18 months."
Alicia: "Why are you making this our problem?"
Stack: "Your problem specifically. Heard tell of a woman with alabaster skin, who went head to head with Bob Balaban and won."
Alicia: "It was actually this magical fairy lawyer who shows up when the wind changes, and but anyway we don't need more governmental bullshit right now."
Stack: "I brought loads and loads of unmarked, nonsequential bills."
Diane: "Yeah, well, that does make you seem more trustworthy."

Diane: "Is that money counterfeit? I mean, what is your damage?"
Stack: "Why would you think that? Just because I walked in here with a shit-ton of cash and the US Treasury on my ass?"
Diane: "Yes. For reasons such as that."
Stack: "Two different things. My client -- whom I refuse to name and will continue to say that every five seconds throughout this entire episode, so don't get any ideas -- invented this fascinating thing called Bitcoin, which is a digital currency. And since secondary currencies are a violation of federal law, somehow these guys think my client should be arrested."

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