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Battle Of The Proxies

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Kalinda's ex-husband showed up and didn't really do anything too bad until Cary figured out he was using his towtrucks to move drugs -- which makes so much sense it's amazing nobody thought of that before -- and he got beat. Now they are sort of threatening each other with death, and who knows what will happen. Peter's campaign continues apace, but it's hard to say what is really happening since this tail end of the Fall Season has been so schizoid about which parts of ongoing storylines come up in any given week.


Eli's listening to BWV 808 on his earbuds, reading pollsterisms and eating lunch, cutely playing along with his fingers like nervous pianists tend to do when distracted.

Hamish Linklater: "I'm adorable! Take out your earbuds so we can chat about things! I nervously play air accordion sometimes. Although I am just a beginner."
Eli: "I don't care about you or your accordion proficiency. Leave me to my charts and graphs."
Hamish Linklater: "Hey, are you Eli Gold? I'm voting for Peter Florrick for sure!"
Eli: "Ugh, always with the fans. It's like campaign managers and fixers are the new rock stars."
Hamish Linklater: "Yeah, that's exactly what it's like. Listen, when you were doing crisis management, you had Wooster-Graff Industries as a client, yeah?"
Eli: "I have to go now. Goodbye, Hamish Linklater."
Hamish Linklater: "David LaGuardia is my name, and Justice is my game. Department Of. We're gonna be fast friends, I can..."

808 starts playing again. All that is left of Eli is a spinning diner-counter stool and a variety of papers wafting to the floor. But is David LaGuardia downhearted? No! He is plucky and adorable! As always! Even with his hair chopped off, which I always thought would be like Samson if that happened, and take away his powers. Luckily, it just makes him seem more like an actual man and less like your friend's older brother, who can drive, and poorly play accordion, and who makes you aware of a certain thing you will one day come to realize is called sexuality.

(I defy you to come up with a better description of the Hamish Linklater Thing.)


Eli: "Batten down the hatches and get me Greg Leshoure from Wooster-Graff Industries! I have a gavotte in my head going faster and faster. I realize I am constantly flipping out like a poodle about everything all the time, but this is no drill."

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