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A trustee came in-house to take L/G apart and put it back together; the firm unwittingly took on Kalinda's husband as a client; Will finally got off his suspension; Alicia's involvement in Peter's campaign just keeps taking on more and more surprising twists.


Hayden: "So, you're the newest member of Litigation?"
Cary: "Returning member of Litigation, yes."
Hayden: "And you've contributed, since you came back?"
Cary: "Uh, yeah. Look at me. Also, I tried 140 cases as an ASA, so I got criminal on lock."

Hayden: "Any family in Chicago?"
Lady: "Ha! No, I'm married to my work. You won't get me that way."
Hayden: "Say we're downsizing Ligitation. Why keep you over, I don't know, Alicia Florrick?"
Lady: "Well, that's odd because she's great, but... I have more transactional experience?"

Dude (John Gaultner?): "...Also more billable hours. And I don't like saying it, but some partners have some issues, with Alicia. Not to tell too many tales out of school, or make it obvious that I'm talking about myself, but... She has the biggest office. And she's the only one on the 28th floor, which puts her closest to the power center. Yeah, other people I can't say their names, they really hate that. They can be pretty competitive."

Hayden: "Okay, so why keep you over the other fourth-years?"
Alicia: "I'm good."
Hayden: "Better than, like, John Gaultner?"
Alicia: "No ma'am. Not playing that game. I'm old enough to remember what happens in the Thunderdome."

So right away, you get a weird sense that he's trying to play her off everybody else. At first, you don't notice that he's asking everybody about her, because it's on a show that is about her. But it's there. I don't know, won't know by the end of the episode, what his game is. But I only just noticed he was doing that. Also, needs more Cary generally.


Diane: "Lawyers only, on this side of the little gate. Just kidding! I came to wish you good luck on your first case."

She marvels at Will's little tabs on his notebook -- "like a good first-year!" -- and hands him a gag gift: Introduction to Trial Law. You gotta be pretty close to pull a joke like that; he loves it. Judge "James Urbaniak" Temple -- to be catalogued in your running list of judge quirks as "the one that won't quit about how he went to Harvard" -- presiding. Opposing council is Lionel "Grandpa Gilmore" Deerfield, who headed up the committee that caged up Will in the first place.

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The Good Wife




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