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Maddie Hayward has something to do with Indira Starr, but nobody has noticed that yet, so the story that is not one continues to be one. Cary's cozying up to the Trustee just as Diane's losing all faith in him. Oh, and Alicia had another run-in with military justice which may well prove to turn into a major plot point.


Christina Ricci is many wonderful things, but funny she is not. Impulsive, certainly she is not. Her character in this episode, a standup comedienne named Therese Dodd, is painted as this can't-control-herself sort of edgy comic type, which admittedly results in exactly one very neat moment down the road, but certainly doesn't sell the other 90 percent of the scenes where we're supposed to buy it. She's awkward, but the wrong kind. She's smart, but a very different kind of smart. I like Ricci, a lot, and I am a fan of lady comics -- as well as of people who can't shut up when they really ought to, as you can imagine -- but it's altogether an ugly little stuntcasting misfire.

Christina Ricci is a "get" to the precise amount that you're able to leverage her most basic quality as an actress -- her inviolable integrity, so much strength and intelligence in such a tiny, tight little package -- and this role is about the opposite, about a sloppy brilliant woman whose power resides in the fact that she's got nothing to lose. A lovely role, for a very different girl: Give me Amy Schumer, give me Mary-Lynn Rajskub. Give me my darling Natasha Leggero, she certainly deserves the world in my opinion. Give me, just off the top of my head, Zosia Mamet. She would have fucking killed this.

But worse, we'll never, now, get to see Ricci as a Tupperware sex-toy or vitamin-shake pyramid-schemer with a little square purse and razor-cut bob, or Parker Posey's rabid and righteous campaign manager (Those uncompromising eyeballs! That fierce/terrifying sexuality!). A lifestyle mommy-blogger/samizdat-publishing Anonymous anarchist who got brutally assaulted due to a Craigslist miscommunication. The fifth-column public relations lieutenant at ChumHum who betrayed and finally dethroned Neil Gross. Any of the literally dozens of roles she was born to play on this show. But no, now she will always be this.

Anyway, Therese Dodd was on a late-night, Jimmy Fallon type show hosted by Christian Finnegan, when she decided to pull a Silverman and demonstrate how to give a breast exam. Not exactly cutting-edge, but cute enough for this show.

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