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Alienation Of Affection

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Diane is looking at some kind of art when she is approached by the Australian Freddy Krueger, and points out to him that you can stand on this one place in front of the painting and see the artist's signature. It's so sassy how she does this that he follows her to the next painting. They talk about how her voice is so amazing, and he admits that all Australian people are faking their accents as a mean joke, since nobody would talk like that naturally.

Freddy: "Americans always ask people what they do for a living, and Australians always ask hot ladies to dinner. You go first."
Diane: "I feel sexy and wild! I don't even care what you do for a living, like Americans always do. Just ask me on a date!"
Freddy: "Unfortunately, I am a process server and this whole thing was a grotesque and complex way to fuck with your mind."
Diane: "Even those who always see these things coming are not always immune to the sensuous quacking sounds of the Australian."


Zach: "I'm sure we're going to have a ball at this, our eighth school this year."
Grace: "I'm just as sure I will wither here, lonely and unloved. At least until I pull another Martha Marcy May Marlene."
Alicia: "Probably. Hey, your middle school teacher. Hey, those bitches that froze me out after your dad fucked a hooker on the public dime."
Zach & Grace, adorably: "How sad and disadvantaged kids must be, having to go to public school. I feel really sorry for them."
Alicia: "You guys are being so cute right now!"

Australian Freddy Krueger: "Mrs. Florrick?"
Alicia: "What do you do for a living?"


Will: "It's so great being at this wedding dancing with the bride!"
Australian Freddy Krueger: "May I have this dance... Dude?"
Will: "What do you do for a living?"


Diane: "Will, where are you right now?"
Will: "I just got served with a grand jury summons for all that illegal shit we constantly..."
Diane: "-- Hey Will? We're on speakerphone. I've got Alicia here, that third-year associate that doesn't need to know every creepy thing we do? She got served too. I also got served. Wicked harsh."
Will: "I'm sorry to hear that, both of you."
Diane: "No, I mean like I got fuckin' served."

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