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Everybody seemed to think that a six-month sabbatical would drive Will insane, and I don't think they were overstating the case, so even though that seems ludicrous I guess we're meant to take this to a "Will is constantly on the edge and this is why he gambles or vice versa" kind of place. The fact that there are very few scenes in which Will even really moves around that much -- and most of those are him kicking somebody's ass all over the place, or playing corrupt basketball -- possibly bears this concept out.

A second and third consequence of Will's break are, respectively, a power vacuum that is the majority of what this episode's about, and sudden reasons for Alicia and Kalinda to interact thanks to the fact that Kalinda's entire life is 100% secret problems. And actually, come to think of it, everything going nuts at the State's Attorney's office is also directly linked to the outcome of Wendy's nonsensical obsession with Will.


I've never felt I understood Will very well, but that cuts both ways: His introspection and quietness are the equal of Alicia's much of the time, so there's a lot of guesswork, but we've seen how far he's been willing to stretch for her before, and the sequence of events leading to her breaking up with him was a lot of guesswork too. So maybe that's part of what's driving him nuts, which again seems ludicrous, except how do you know? Last time I went through it, I was the initiator and I still went crazy as all hell.

Like the episode starts with a video of a very sad woman very slowly climbing over the railing of a bridge and then plunging to her death, while soft music plays and a voice talks us through that day; while her parents and boyfriend grieve for her, and the fact that goodbyes only look that way in retrospect. And we pull back, out into our show, and there's Will just watching, over and over, as this woman drops out of life.

Is he falling? Is he crashing? The show keeps saying yes, and he keeps saying he's okay. Is he watching this in a suicidal fugue state? He's watching it to close shop on one of the cases he's bequeathed Alicia -- but that doesn't explain why he keeps watching this pivotal part of the video, over and over again: The moment Kara Anderson was in midair, right before she disappeared.

Kalinda: "Hey! It feels crazy in here. Like, the vibes. I can't believe it's only been a week and you're already obsessively watching suicide footage. What happens three months from now?"
Will: "I'm fine! Mostly I'm just making notes on how long it's been since I last checked or answered my phone and thinking about how David Lee probably is right now. Anyway, I have this one case, and then this other case I'm not allowed to touch. The one that Alicia actually needs. How is she doing?"
Kalinda: "Hates me marginally less. Harried."
Will: "This isn't a note on paper, just a suggestion about that latter case. Tell her the judge on this episode is down with women more than men, and the defendent is kind of a pretentious douchebag that the jury won't like."
Kalinda: "Will do. Hey, are you going to kill yourself the second I leave?"
Will: "Not immediately after, no."

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