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Lady: "I brought you to dinner to tell you I am quitting the State's Attorney's office to go into defense."
Cary: "Are you that FBI lady that was going to be in a love triangle with me and Kalinda?"
Lady: "No, I am not."
Cary: "Are you the US Attorney's watchdog that follows me around?"
Lady: "No."
Cary: "I give up. Who are you?"
Lady: "I am your old friend Dana."
Cary: "Right, Dana! It's hard to follow what's going on with our office when people constantly appear and disappear and reappear and Peter Florrick's constantly making decrees that nobody ever follows up on."
Dana: "I don't much care either."

Cary: "So Dana, are we going to have sex before you're done with your job?"
Dana: "I have a boyfriend."
Cary: "So do I. It is Matan, he is very mean to me."
Dana: "That's very interesting. Here are some files of work."
Cary: "Hang on, we have to go to a crime."


Zach: "It's called the cloud. It's a simple way of doing work from home and sharing it on a server that you can access from work."
Alicia: "I don't understand technology."
Zach: "This show barely understands technology, so it's okay."

Grace: "Mom, when we go to Dad's what do you do with yourself? I bet you stand or sit and stare into space until we come back, like a robot."
Alicia: "Sure, let's go with that."
Zach: "Maybe you should date men. You know, outside your marriage."
Alicia: "This is making me uncomfortable. Oh look, a phone call from Will."
Zach: "Speak of the devil."

Alicia: "Tell me I have to go to a crime."
Will: "Our whole law firm of lawyers was busy, so we sent that new first-year, Caitlin. The one that you have every reason to hate because of David Lee yelling at you that time. I'm starting to think maybe you should go see how that's going."


Dana: "A Booze Cruise is pretty self-explanatory. Let me explain it to you in detail anyway, because most of the people that watch this show grew up in Prohibition."
Cary: "You've been on a Booze Cruise?"
Dana: "I have been on all kinds of cruises. And boozes."

Young Maya Nichols got found dead in the bottom of a boat, with only one (CLUE) of her two seasickness bands on her wrists. Apparently she was being harassed by college kids before she was killed. And what I say is, them as pinched it done her in. The suspects that maybe raped and killed her are both diplomatically immune from prosecution. Some Dutch bureaucrat is very excited about making sure the Dutch kid doesn't get a suspect rape exam; our L/G client this week is the other one, Chen Jin-Pyn, and the Chinese ambassador hasn't arrived yet to start yelling.

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