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Giving Is Taking
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Owen and Alicia stand at the casket, in the empty funeral home, for some time before realizing they're alone and they have no idea why they're there: It's for a friend of Veronica's, some computer programmer younger than both of them.

Alicia: "So wait, why are we here? Why are we the only people here? Is this like The Westing Game and it turns out David Lee was actually Neil Gross in disguise our whole lives?"
Owen: "Spoiler alert. And no, I think she probably just told us to be here a half-hour early, under the assumption we'd be a half-hour late."
Alicia: "For a flake of cosmic proportion she sure does feel comfortable administrating our shit."
Owen: "I know, I hate that! But also tell her everything you tell me. I guess on the principle that you make a better target."


Alicia: "You're missing the point, I love Peter..."
Owen: "Gross me out, stop saying that."
Alicia: "He really has changed..."
Owen: "You're like an Oprah lady. You deserve a spanking. How does a person come from fucking whores? Seriously, how does a person change inside about that?"
Alicia: "Why does everybody -- you, mom, this show -- suddenly think Will is a thing and I should be with Will and he is the love of my life and I never should have dumped him and I shouldn't be bootycalling Peter and I'm only doing it because I feel a civic responsibility and because it would be awkward?"
Owen: "Girl I did not say any of those things. But yet I still won the argument I didn't know we were having."

Owen: "Your body is telling you things. You should listen to it. Did you kiss him, or did he kiss you?"
Alicia: "It was mutual. A mutual mistake."
Owen: "Why did you even break up with him last time?"
Alicia: "You're right, I was incredibly vague about it the whole time. I guess you could say it didn't seem like a long-term thing?"
Owen: "So you ended it? That's insane, you're insane..."
Alicia: "Shut up. Veronica's coming."

Veronica is every bit as weird, but more likeable every time she shows up. This time, it's to introduce Alicia to the widow Charlene, who is the actual person she knows here -- she's the niece of Malcolm, the last dead husband, that Veronica was cheating on if I remember correctly, in that episode I hated so much -- and this is the situation: Charlene and Frank, along with Fran Kranz's character Fran Kranz and several other people, are coders for a company called Blowtorch.

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