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Alicia Florrick's husband cheated on her with Illinois money and went to jail, so she had to find a job. Four years later, she struck out from that firm to start her own, and now she's been asked to give the keynote speech at an American Bar Association conference.


Alicia pacing the floor while Cary reads her speech; she hangs on every nod and breath. The crinkling is very loud as she pulls an apple out of a gift basket, and finally she can't hold back anymore.

Alicia: "Why did you nod? What are you reading? What is happening in there?"
Cary: "Alicia, please don't make me the Alicia. Let me read and be cool."
Alicia: "It's too self-serving! You hate it! It's boring!"
Cary: "Fine. It is a little dry."
Alicia: "Cary, I spent two weeks!"
Cary: "Yeah, it shows. You should be less of an Alicia about this and more of a Will. Look, they didn't ask you about this because you're an expert on opt-out moms, they asked you because you were an opt-out mom. So opt your ass back in."

Clarke Hayden Clarke calls from a taxi, nearly defeated by the very loud taxi screen blaring De Blasio at him the entire time. Even Cary, who is infinitely patient with Hayden Clarke Hayden, cannot handle him right now. What gets through is that Rayna Hecht, the most powerful lawyeress in the world, is ready for a firm, and she's using this ABA thing to make her call.

Clarke: "Just tell her that we are growing, she is into futures. And gender parity. What I am into is mostly her $60M billing. Also because she's Jill Hennessey, who is awesome."
Cary: "Okay, I love you but whatever your situation is, it's driving me nuts so bye."

Alicia: "Back to me. Why am I having trouble with this speech? I don't ever have trouble doing things, and frankly I wish everything was a speech. I only get into trouble when I speak extemporaneously."
Cary: "That's the problem. You're being asked to tell your story, which is a thing you've spent the last five years assiduously ignoring. How many times does Matthew Ashbaugh have to come back from the dead to explain this to you?"
Alicia: "...Son of a bitch. Look."

Down in the lobby, who is courting Jill Hennessey is, of course, Will and Diane.

Rayna: "I like you guys, I do. And I will decide in 48 hours. I just want a partnership I can believe in. I'm leaving my current firm because they are sleazy..."

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