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Nick Savarese made damn sure Cary Agos knew it was one of his thugs that beat our boy up in the pouring rain that continues its "a storm is rising" foreshadowing this week. Other things also previously happened on this show, but this is the only one that actually comes into this episode at all, and even then just barely; presumably this is because next week is the last one before the break and it's going to be even more continuity-dependent than last week. Alicia has a gay brother and parents we have never seen; Peter's mother Jackie has a new babysitter that is making Mama's Baby a little bit jealous.


Owen, outside: "I'm looking at this postcard you sent from St. Barth's so intently that I'm not really listening to you, Mom! I have to go randomly drop in on one of Alicia's cases that coincidentally has relevance to my interests, bye."

The Case: Alicia and Diane are having one of those connected-up cases where their defense is linked to another one, in this case two former executives of a fraudulent online tax company against horrible self-satisfied white person AUSA Bucky "Brian Dennehy" Stabler. Notably, Bucky's working with the CEO, which means L/G is stuck with the company's CFO, and so since this is an IRS case, their defense has to be about keeping Bucky from sacrificing their client for his: Either everybody wins, or L/G loses.

The Deets: Two years ago the company, online e-filer, started accepting fraudulent tax claims using stolen Social Security numbers. Nobody, for example, apparently noticed that 86 of these bad refunds -- totaling $3,267,000 -- were sent to the same Chicago address.

CEO: "Like I'm the one checking the envelopes, I'm the CEO. Of course I trusted the people under me. Like for example the CF..."
L/G: "-- Objection! Clearly this is Bucky making him say this, which again is why we want to sever our defense from his. And why we will eventually just start going after his client like single-minded sharks if he doesn't cut this shit out."

Bebe Neuwirth sustains, but let the record show that she is, as any judge would be, charmed by Bucky the man-mountain -- and less impressed, as any judge would be, by Alicia and Diane doing everything in stereo: A tiny but important nod to Alicia's coming of age, I think. Maybe more, now that Trustee Hayden Clarke (Clark Hayden?) is giving Cary his undivided attention, but I think no. I think they just try to mix it up by having the most interesting people on the case. Usually it works, but this case is so rudimentary that it really doesn't matter who the lawyers are.

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