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We open on Carrie Cook giving a TV interview about Lily's rash of murders and her family of psychopaths. She explains that Lily was basically a murderous orphan Annie and explains how that makes her mind is far more complicated than Joe's ever was. Joe is watching the interview at Micah's and is clearly offended. Micah sees the hubbub and says he wants to be like Lily and make a "splash." If Joe wasn't already planning to sabotage him, using the word "splash" would certainly have given him some ammunition. How can we be certain Joe is planning some sabotage? Why else would he call his newly-blonde pal Janna right after Micah tells him his grand goal, eh?

After her interview, Carrie meets with Ryan for information. All he can tell her is the Strauss is being interrogated and that they haven't found Joe yet. She confirms that their deal is that she keeps quiet, but gets the scoop when they find Joe. But then she switches gears, attempts to be sweet, and asks him to have dinner with her as a thank you for saving her life. Ryan isn't one for personal connections since losing Claire, however, so he passes.

At the same moment, Max lets herself into Ryan's apartment and Mike is just out of the shower and wearing a towel. Max doesn't say anything, but just watches him like a creeper. When he gets off the phone with his mother, he drops his towel but she stops him (network censors are a thing, after all). They have a strange little awkward moment about why she didn't say anything – hello, sexual tension – but then she hands him coffee and they start over. She asks him how he is and they share an affectionate and understanding moment before Max gets to her point: she's got a list of possible leaks from Franklin and she's narrowed it down to six. The problem is that one of the six possibilities is Mendez.

Back at Corbin, Joe is helping Micah make his big coming out video. Micah's wearing a Halloween mask and a cape and reciting clichés, but he's having a hard time realizing why it's not working out so well. Luckily, Joe stops him and Emma and Robert come by to talk game plan for Micah's big coming out party. But then, Micah says he's including Lance -- a murderer who has been living in the psycho pen for slicing a girl's ear off because he didn't like the way she looked. Oh great. A super psycho is being added to the mix. If it wasn't clear before, it's crystal clear now: Micah is nuts. Joe says he's probably bipolar or something, but Emma isn't scared. She tells Joe that she's dangerous and I can't tell if he's looking on with fatherly pride or sexual desire. Knowing these weirdos, it's probably a little bit of both.

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