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A church. Inside, Bruce is at the pulpit, giving a eulogy for his father, whose corpse lies in a casket nearby and looks a lot like Louis Gossett Jr., because it totally is. Johnny sits in a pew along with various other mourners. Bruce says that he wishes he could give a sermon the way his father taught him. Bruce looks skyward and announces, "It doesn't quite go with the hair, Daddy." Johnny smirks, and then suddenly we go into a flashback or vision of young Bruce (maybe nine years old?) giving a sermon about how he has "seen the angel" who told him about "the end of the world." The congregation responds by saying "Amen" and "Hallelujah" and "Yes, sir!" I totally wish I went to a church like that. Behind little Bruce stands his father, wearing a minister's garments.

Johnny snaps back to reality just as Bruce finishes his eulogy and hugs his mother. Organ music starts playing. Bruce thanks Johnny for attending. Johnny says that he's learned more about Bruce in the last two hours than he has in the last two years. Bruce says that there are a lot of ghosts there, and they hug. Johnny goes into a vision of himself, lying on the ground unconscious in a crowded auditorium as Bruce's dad prays over him. Johnny snaps out of it, and Bruce says that he actually saw Johnny's vision too, which is a new experience. Before Johnny can respond, Bruce is called away by his mother. Bruce begs Johnny to say that he saw them on a plane going home tomorrow. Johnny says that wasn't exactly it. Bruce walks off, and Johnny stares real hard at Bruce's dead daddy in the coffin. Man, do I hate open caskets. Creepy.

The outside of the church has a sign announcing that today's service is "in loving memory of Pastor David Lewis." Inside, some dude says he heard that Bruce lives in Maine now. Bruce says he likes being mobile. The dude asks Bruce if he could get any further away from home in Indiana. Well, he could go to another country. Bruce tries to change the subject, but the dude asks Bruce what he's looking for, and why he can't find it at home, carrying on his father's work. Isn't religious leadership supposed to be a calling? If Bruce doesn't feel it, he doesn't feel it, and guilt trips aren't going to help. The dude further guilt-trips Bruce by saying that Bruce's mom will lose the church and the house if Bruce doesn't return. Bruce sarcastically thanks the dude and walks away.

Another dude calls to Bruce, and then hugs him. Bruce reveals that the guy's name is Alvin, and that they are old friends. Alvin introduces his wife to Bruce. The camera goes into another room, where Johnny talks to Bruce's mom. Mrs. Lewis asks Johnny if there is a special lady in Bruce's life. Johnny tries to avoid answering the question, and Bruce's mom totally interrupts him to give some woman advice on how to pass out appetizers. I guess we're supposed to get that Bruce's mom has had a lifetime of feeding the flock at these events, but it kind of comes off like she's a bitch. Mrs. Lewis asks Johnny if Bruce talks about his family. Johnny lies, "Oh, yeah. All the time." Mrs. Lewis totally calls Johnny on his lie and asks if there are a lot of black people in Maine. Johnny says there are not a lot. Mrs. Lewis asks if Bruce is happy. Johnny doesn't really answer, but says that Bruce has been a great friend to him, even if he doesn't often reveal his feelings. Mrs. Lewis guesses that Bruce covers up his feelings with jokes. Wait, that's not healthy? Crap. Johnny says that he's only now realizing that he doesn't know Bruce that well and he wants to change that. Mrs. Lewis says that Bruce doesn't know himself any better than Johnny does. She thanks Johnny for being Bruce's friend, and touches his hand. This causes Johnny to continue the vision where he's lying on the floor, David Lewis (Bruce's dad) praying over him.

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Dead Zone




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