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Valley Of The Shadow

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Valley Of The Shadow

Previously on The Dead Zone: Reverend Purdy introduced Johnny to political candidate Greg Stillson. When he shook hands with Stillson, Johnny had a fiery vision. Purdy tried to convince Johnny that his destiny is to help people, then patted Johnny on the arm, triggering another fiery vision. Johnny dissed Sarah for Dana, and then later Johnny and Sarah totally did it. At a Stillson political rally, Purdy raised both Stillson's and Johnny's hands in the air, which triggered yet another fiery vision. Except in this one, Johnny was able to see that Washington, D.C. was burning.

Stillson speaks at some sort of Candidates Day. He talks about how no one ever gets anything done in Washington but, if elected, he will be different. In particular, he plans to "put God back in the Pledge of Allegiance." First of all, isn't God still in the Pledge of Allegiance? I mean, there was that one lawsuit, but other than that, it's still there. And also, how will that lower the unemployment rate? I guess they'll have to hire people to wedge the word back in there, thus creating jobs. Johnny watches Stillson speak, as does Sarah. The audience cheers and yells out encouragement. Johnny and Sarah stare at each other and think, "We totally did it in the season finale." Stillson is still yammering on about fearing God. Bruce walks up next to Johnny and makes a wry comment. From the stage, Stillson concludes, "Greg Stillson is coming to Washington!" Why is he referring to himself in the third person? Kim hates that. Stillson preens and poses. Johnny just stares at him, unblinking. I've noticed that Anthony Michael Hall's big thing for this character is the not blinking. Seriously. He blinks, like, once per scene, if that. It creeps me out. An announcer relays the information the Sheriff Walt Bannerman will be the next candidate to speak.

Bruce tells Johnny that he's turning into a stalker. Johnny says that figuring out what's up with Stillson is pretty important. Bruce just doesn't like what it's doing to Johnny. It's robbed him of his ability to blink? Johnny claims that he's fine. Then he blinks. Just kidding. He totally doesn't blink in this scene. Some annoying kid walks up and throws his basketball to Johnny, asking if his team will win the big game. Um, shouldn't Johnny be using his powers for more important things? Although I don't think this issue has been addressed in the series thus far. Can Johnny just use his powers as much as he wants? Is there a cap on the number of visions per day or something? Anyway, Johnny doesn't see anything when he touches the ball, and then claims he wouldn't tell the kid the answer even if he could. The kid's all, "Thanks, Johnny." What polite children they have in this town. I figured he'd be all, "Dude, you suck!" Bruce comments, "Yep. You're fine."

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