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The Storm

Previously on The Dead Zone: Ally Sheedy showed up with a really sick brother. She said she had loved Johnny all along. Johnny saw that Ally would die in a car accident and thus become the heart-transplant donor who would enable her brother to live. Johnny had to choose whether to save the girl who loved him or the brother who was kind of a dillweed. Ultimately, he chose to let the preordained (?) events roll out as planned, so Ally went to that great Breakfast Club in the sky.

Hey, it's in widescreen! Bruce rolls up to the Faith Heritage Alliance in his PT Cruiser. Hey, remember how Bruce cut off his dreads? I kind of forgot about that. Anyway, the weather report is on the radio, and it predicts no rain (No Rain! No Rain!) for the Fourth of July weekend. Bruce parks the car, gets out, and looks up at the sky to see that there are some clouds and chuckles that if you don't like the weather in Maine, wait a few minutes. Don't they say that pretty much everywhere? Except maybe Southern California.

Bruce walks into Purdy's office, where he finds Walt, Sarah, and Dana all sitting around. Purdy convenes this odd little meeting, and it's soon clear that they are there to discuss Johnny. It seems that he hasn't really been talking to any of them since Ally Sheedy's death. Bruce thinks it's more than that -- that all of the visions are finally pushing Johnny over the edge. Purdy agrees that God has asked a lot of Johnny. Walt brings up the teenagers that Johnny is tutoring in science at his home, which seems kind of random until later in the episode. ["It's also consistent with what happened in the DZ book and movie." -- Wing Chun] Sarah concludes that Johnny doesn't want to touch anyone, and that he doesn't want anyone to touch him. Purdy proposes that they conduct an intervention. Ooh, are they going to invite Mackenzie Phillips to lead it, like they did for Dylan on 90210? I guess it's not that kind of intervention. Purdy offers up the Alliance retreat in Moosehead, and Bruce promises to get Johnny there. Dana points out that it's kind of difficult to have a surprise party for a psychic, and Bruce says he just can't let Johnny touch him.

Cut to Johnny, in his house, conducting a science lab for a bunch of teenagers. He talks to them about how flour doesn't burn, as Bruce knocks and enters. Johnny puts the flour into a tube and then blows it into an open gas flame, creating a small ball of fire. The teens are all impressed as Johnny explains the chemical reaction they just witnessed (which my non-science mind heard as "oxygen burns" but it's probably more complicated than that). Class is dismissed and the kids pack up and leave. Bruce comments that he's never seen "the old John in action." Johnny seems sad that he doesn't get to teach anymore. Bruce suggests that they go out on a day trip to "get some fresh air," but Johnny isn't interested in leaving the house, because the outside world is filled with things he can't control. Johnny tries to let Bruce know he's touched that Bruce is concerned, but Bruce quickly moves away so that Johnny can't touch him. Johnny gets suspicious. Bruce urges Johnny again to join him on this trip, like, way to go, Captain Obvious. Johnny keeps trying to touch Bruce, and eventually makes contact. Johnny goes into a vision of his friends gathered at the retreat, which is very dark and spooky. He snaps out of it and asks Bruce if they are supposed to pick everyone else up on the way, and then claims that he doesn't need an intervention. Bruce tells Johnny that he's going, and that Johnny will act surprised when they get there. Johnny isn't having it. Bruce says that he's "fully committed" to getting Johnny there, and that he'll do "whatever it takes to get [Johnny] in that car." Johnny still insists that he's not going.

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