Dead Zone
The Man Who Never Was

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The Man Who Never Was

Johnny walks into the house and calls out to Grissom that it's time to get going. Alma and the Stades walk through the house. Mr. Stade calls Alma over and points out an open window in the back. Alma calls Johnny a "dumb son of a bitch," and says that he's done more damage than he knows. Alma and the Stades walk out. Johnny notices Grissom's cane leaning against a wall. He walks over and picks it up, and goes into a vision of Grissom at French Customs, getting his passport stamped. Johnny snaps out of it and smiles, and then walks out using Grissom's cane and laughing.

Next week: Walt gets pissed at Johnny about something. Johnny's Stillson obsession comes to light. And then there's something about bribery or corruption and Johnny getting arrested.

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Dead Zone




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