Dead Zone
The Man Who Never Was

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The Man Who Never Was

The doorbell rings, and Mrs. Stade looks out the window to see a ton of reporters outside. Johnny says that he invited a few media people over, because he wanted someone else to see Grissom this time. Johnny says that he and Grissom need to go look for a house, and Grissom chuckles. The two men walk out. Reporters clamor, asking Johnny whether he really knows where Hoffa and Amelia Earhart are. Johnny thanks them for coming and asks for some room to get to the car, promising to tell them more later. Dana sidles up and asks what's going on. Johnny asks for help getting out of there, and tells her to stay with them. Dana announces that the press conference has been moved, and that they should all follow Johnny's car. Grissom whispers to Johnny that if it'll help, he can tell them what happened to Amelia Earhart. Johnny says no and hustles Grissom into the car. Aw, come on. Isn't he a little curious? Alma and the Stades wonder what they do now, and Alma says they need to follow along.

Johnny leads a caravan down the road. Grissom asks him to slow down, since it's been a long time since he took a ride in the country. In another car, Alma talks to someone on the phone and promises to take care of it personally. Johnny enters Litchfield, and Grissom starts to recognize his surroundings, although everything has changed. Grissom spots a church and tells Johnny that if there are railroad tracks ahead, he should take a right about a mile beyond them. Johnny finds the turn, and pulls onto a dirt road which dead-ends in some woods. Grissom gets out of the car, but there is no house nearby. Grissom says that there's supposed to be another road. Johnny apologizes. Grissom walks toward the woods. Dana runs up and asks Johnny what's going on. Johnny asks her to hold off the reporters a little longer. Dana asks how she's supposed to do that. Johnny suggests that she tell them he needs to go into the woods to find something amazing, and he runs off. Dana walks over to the reporters and tells them to set up their cameras, and that Johnny will make a statement shortly.

Grissom and Johnny peer through some brush and see Grissom's house. They tear through it and walk up to the house, which appears to have been abandoned for some time. Grissom emotionally asks Johnny to wait for him there. He puts his hand on Johnny's shoulder, and Johnny has a vision of Grissom's parents standing on the porch. Grissom walks into the house. Alma and the Stades walk up. Johnny says they must not have tried very hard to find Grissom's house, because it wasn't that hard. Alma says that Grissom was their top operative during the Cold War, and until today, twenty-two countries had proof that Grissom died sixteen years ago. Johnny says that sixteen years is a long time to spend in any kind of prison, and then asks if they were really going to try to kill him. Alma says that Grissom has always had a flair for the dramatic.

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Dead Zone




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