Dead Zone
The Man Who Never Was

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The Man Who Never Was

Johnny snaps out of it and asks Grissom whether he works for the government. Grissom can neither confirm nor deny. Johnny asks what you do with a spy when he retires. Grissom says the point is, what do you do with his knowledge? Johnny guesses that you make him disappear. Grissom stands and starts talking about his record player and the superiority of vinyl over CDs. He's kind of like a teenager with his no-meat vendetta and his love of vinyl. Johnny asks who the singer in Paris was. Grissom smiles and says that Johnny is good. Grissom says that the government uses psychics, and that they may have an interest in Johnny. Johnny asks again who she was, and Grissom slides his cane over so that Johnny can touch it. Johnny does and goes into the same vision of the streets of Paris from before. This time, the modern-day Grissom is there, and he says that she was the last woman he ever loved as Jeff Grissom, so she stayed with him forever. He says her eyes haunt him, and that he hears the song over and over. Johnny turns and sees a street sweeper who was in the vision before, but this time the street sweeper leaves a package in a nearby garbage can. Grissom says that the singer betrayed them, and several people died as a result. Gunshots go off inside the club, and Johnny/Grissom walks away. Regular Grissom repeats, "There are always sides."

Johnny snaps out of it. Grissom says that's when he became "the man who never was," with a thousand identities, none of them his own. Grissom wonders whether he ever really existed, like the house he grew up in. Johnny says he doesn't know if the house still exists, but he does know where to look for it. Alma and the Stades walk in. Alma says that they don't have time for that right now. Johnny makes a snotty remark about the Stades' kid. Grissom is pissed that they had Raul deported, and Alma says they had to protect him. Grissom says they are just trying to protect his knowledge, and that house arrest is not protective custody. Alma says that they have to move again. Grissom doesn't want to, because Johnny can help him find his house. Mrs. Stade says that Johnny will be coming with them. Grissom says that's not necessary, because Johnny doesn't know anything. Mr. Stade says that they're just going to follow Johnny home, debrief him, and ask him to take an oath of silence. Grissom growls, "They're lying." Alma says it's not like the old days. Grissom says he wants to talk to the Secretary. Alma says that she already did, and orders Grissom to say goodbye. Grissom tells Johnny that he's "a threat to national security," and all of his friends think he's been behaving erratically. Mr. Stade interrupts to insist that Johnny come with them. Grissom says that Johnny will either end up dead from a car accident in the woods or not be discovered at all, but either way, he will disappear.

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Dead Zone




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