Dead Zone
The Man Who Never Was

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The Man Who Never Was

Johnny walks out to his car. When he touches it, he has a vision of a small tracking device underneath it, and then a surveillance van parked out on the street. He gets in his car and drives out to the road. The surveillance van follows. Inside the van, the woman who we know as Alma the nurse checks a handheld GPS system and says that Johnny is stopping. Johnny goes into a convenience store. Inside the van, Mr. Stade watches him with binoculars. Alma says that her dogs are getting hungry and that she wishes Johnny would just land for the night. Mr. Stade scans the store and says he doesn't see Johnny. Alma is sure he's in there, but Mr. Stade says he isn't. Alma rolls down her window to check something, and suddenly Johnny appears and grabs her arm. He has a vision of Grissom being loaded into an ambulance and taken to Aroostook County, where he is put into another house. Johnny snaps out of it as the van pulls away. Johnny calls after them that it's too late.

Johnny returns to his car while talking on the phone about "Elvis, JFK, and Amelia Earhart." Apparently, he's talking to a reporter of some sort. As he talks, Johnny reaches under his car and removes the tracking device, sticking it to the bumper of another car nearby. The tracking device has a red light and it beeps. Wow, that's stealthy of them. Johnny drives to Aroostook County, and finds the house from his vision. When he walks onto the porch, Grissom opens the door. Johnny says that Grissom is "a sight for sore eyes," and Grissom says that it took Johnny long enough. Johnny walks into the house.

Grissom sits down at a chessboard. Johnny asks who Grissom is and why someone wants to make him disappear. Grissom says that he disappeared a long time ago. Johnny asks whether Grissom is being kept there against his will. Grissom moves a chess piece but doesn't answer. Johnny makes reference to Grissom's nurse, and Grissom says that she's not a nurse. Johnny says that she had Raul deported. Grissom says he didn't know that. Johnny says that they broke into his house and put a transmitter on his car. Grissom says they're afraid he's working for the other side. Johnny didn't know there were sides. Grissom says that there always are, and hands Johnny a chess piece. Johnny touches it and goes into a vision of a younger Grissom going through French Customs. Or should that be Freedom Customs? Wouldn't want to be unpatriotic. That scene gives way to a Customs montage, and each time Grissom presents a passport, it has a different name.

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Dead Zone




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