Dead Zone
The Man Who Never Was

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The Man Who Never Was

Bruce and Johnny drive down the road. Bruce goes over what they've learned: that all of the official records state that the Stades have lived in that house for over a year, and that there are no official records of Grissom anywhere. Johnny asks whether Bruce is having a hard time believing this. Bruce insists that he believes Johnny because "[he] dances with the girl [he] came with." Johnny laughs and says he told Bruce what he saw. Bruce asks why he should trust the fact that there are no official records anywhere and just take Johnny's word for it. Johnny asks again if Bruce doesn't believe him. Bruce says he does, and then says that he just wants Johnny to be okay. Johnny says he is, and that he hopes Grissom is, too. Bruce and Johnny start humming a song. Johnny says that a singer in Paris sang that song to Grissom one time. Bruce stops the car to let Johnny out at his house and says he'd like to meet Grissom. Johnny promises he will.

Johnny walks up to unlock his front door, but when he touches it, he has a vision of shadowy people moving around inside. He enters the house cautiously, touching things along the way to try to get more clues. In one doorway, he gets another vision of shadowy people moving around his living room, searching for something. Johnny snaps on a light, and then walks out. He goes down the basement stairs and, when he touches the railing, has another vision of shadowy people. One of them investigates Johnny's Stillson Stalker Wall. Johnny turns on the basement light, but everything is undisturbed.

Johnny calls Walt at the police station. Walt puts him on speakerphone, and Sarah listens in. Johnny says that someone has been in his house. Walt asks whether it was burglars, and Johnny says that it was weirder than burglars, and that they took pictures of everything. Sarah asks whether it was more obsessed fans. Johnny says that they went into his desk and his computer, and then cleaned up after themselves. Walt says that means there's no evidence they were actually there. Johnny says he knows that's been happening a lot lately. Sarah asks how they got past his "new million-dollar security system." Johnny says that's a good question. Walt asks if anything is missing. Johnny doesn't know. Walt promises to have the crime-lab guy go over the house in the morning. Sarah doesn't think Johnny should stay in the house. Walt agrees, and tells Johnny to check into a hotel -- or better yet, go to the hospital for a check-up. Johnny insists that he's fine. Walt picks up the phone and says he'll call Johnny if the crime-lab guy finds anything. They hang up. Walt tells Sarah he liked it better when she called him instead of her. I'm glad they've downplayed the whole Johnny/Sarah thing lately.

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Dead Zone




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