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The Man Who Never Was

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The Man Who Never Was

At the grocery store, the manager informs Johnny that Raul was deported. Johnny can't believe it. The manager explains that Raul had a fake driver's license. Johnny thinks that "they" turned Raul in as a cover-up. Johnny asks the manager whether they keep a record of deliveries. The manager pulls up the file on the computer and scrolls through until he finds the address in question. Johnny asks who signed for the delivery, and the manager shows him that it was June Stade. Johnny asks him to check every delivery to that address for the last year. The manager does, and scrolls through to show that June Stade signed for every delivery. Walt gently suggests that they take Johnny to the doctor for a check-up. Johnny insists that Grissom exists. He speculates that the nurse was involved somehow. Bruce says he knows all of the home care nurses in the county and asks her name. Johnny says it was Alma, and Bruce says it must have been Alma Peterson, because she specializes in home care for the elderly. Johnny asks where they find her.

Johnny, Bruce, and Walt walk into a hospital and of course, Alma is standing right there when they walk in. Bruce points her out, and from the back, it appears to be the same woman Johnny saw when he visited Grissom. Johnny walks up and starts to ask her what she did with Grissom, but when the woman turns, Johnny realizes it's not the same woman. Walt asks if there are any other nurses named "Alma" in the county, and Alma says she doesn't know of any. Bruce asks if she's seen Johnny before, and she says she's seen him around the hospital. Walt says that Johnny has a problem with his head. Bruce asks if Alma was working with a client yesterday, and Alma says she wasn't. Walt apologizes for bothering her. Johnny says he needs one more favor from them, and races off. That walking stick sure isn't slowing him down any! Walt and Bruce exchange yet another look and follow.

Walt, Johnny, and Bruce go back to the Stade home. Mr. Stade answers the door and Walt asks if they can come in, because Johnny insists that he was there the other day. Mr. Stade says that Johnny was there this morning, and tried to grab Mrs. Stade. Johnny says he tried to touch her, which is different. Walt promises that Johnny won't grab anyone, and Johnny says that he'll only touch inanimate objects. Walt promises that it will only take a few minutes, and Mr. Stade reluctantly steps aside so they can enter.

Once inside, Walt asks for and gets permission to take a look around. Mrs. Stade insists that the whole thing is ridiculous as Johnny starts waving his hands over objects in the room. Johnny tells Bruce that everything is different, and that they must have replaced everything to make it more difficult for Johnny to get a vision. Bruce snorts derisively. Johnny points out where the photograph of the house was, and explains about the wine. Bruce looks embarrassed. Johnny remembers that he spilled a drop of wine on the floor, and looks at the spot, where some wine residue remains. He kneels down and touches it, and goes into a vision of Grissom being taken out of the house on a gurney, and then a team of people clearing the place out and bringing all new things in. Walt returns and says that he didn't find anything unusual. Johnny sarcastically comments that everything is perfectly normal. Johnny continues that he's not going to let go of this, and that he will find Grissom. The little girl woodenly says that "the mean man is scaring [her]." Johnny says, "You ain't seen nothing yet, kid. If she really is a kid." Man, I hope Johnny is right about this, because otherwise he's being a huge asshole.

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Dead Zone




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