Dead Zone
The Man Who Never Was

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The Man Who Never Was

Johnny goes to a local museum, and the curator tells him that the windows in Grissom's photograph are typical of a builder named Winchell. Johnny asks if the guy can narrow it down, and the curator promises to give Johnny the name of the communities where Winchell commonly built houses. Johnny tells Bruce that Grissom might recognize the town's name. Bruce wonders if Grissom is up for a field trip, and Johnny says it's important to Grissom because he thinks he's disappearing. Bruce asks if that's the reason for Johnny's freaky visions, and Johnny says that the isolation takes its toll on old people. Bruce pointedly says that it takes its toll on not-so-old people too. The curator returns and says that most of the homes were in the Litchfield area. Johnny thanks him and leaves.

Johnny and Bruce go to Grissom's house. A woman answers the door, a little girl standing behind her. Johnny asks for Grissom, but the woman says he must have the wrong address. Johnny gives a quick description, but the woman says there's no one like that living there, and explains that she lives in the house with her husband and daughter. Johnny stares at her for a minute and then tells her that she's lying. Bruce starts laughing and tries to smooth things over, but Johnny accuses the woman of lying again and asks what she did with Grissom. He moves toward her and she threatens to call the police and slams the door. Johnny turns to Bruce and says that the woman didn't want him to touch her. Bruce isn't surprised that Johnny is being so weird, and says that a lot of the houses look alike. Johnny touches a window nearby and the little girl peeks out and yells to her mom that the man is touching their house. Bruce tries to pull Johnny away. Johnny says that he doesn't care if the woman calls the police, and then decides that he's going to call them himself.

Johnny and Bruce walk into the police station. Johnny walks into Walt's office and says that Grissom has disappeared. Walt asks who that is. Johnny gives the address and says that Grissom was there yesterday and is gone now. Walt already knows the story, because the woman at the house -- whose name is June Stade -- already called them. Walt asks whether Johnny has any evidence of Grissom. Johnny insists that he saw him and that he's not crazy. Walt points out that Johnny has visions. Johnny is frustrated. Bruce points out that maybe Grissom used to live in the house, or is going to live there in the future. Johnny explains that he doesn't talk to visions or drink wine with visions. He asks, "You think I don't know the difference between the real world and a vision?" Walt and Bruce exchange a look. Johnny starts explaining about the capers and then realizes that Raul saw Grissom, and takes off. Bruce and Walt follow.

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Dead Zone




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