Dead Zone
The Man Who Never Was

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The Man Who Never Was

Cut to Johnny knocking on Mr. Grissom's door. Grissom opens it and Johnny introduces himself. Grissom laughs and asks how Johnny knows his name. Johnny explains about the Great Capers Caper. Grissom asks the deliveryman's name and guesses that Johnny was going to make veal piccata; he then asks if Johnny knows how they get veal, like what is he, in PeTA or something? Grissom says he returned the capers, and then asks if Johnny plays chess. Johnny says he does, so Grissom invites him in.

Johnny and Grissom walk into the house. Grissom says he was afraid Johnny was the mailman, and then explains that he doesn't like the mailman because when all your friends are dead, you only get junk mail. Well, that's cheery. Grissom says that Johnny is "awfully young to need one of these," and holds up his own walking stick. Johnny explains about the car accident, but leaves out the coma and the visions and such. Grissom offers Johnny some wine ("a dry Rioja"), but Johnny wants a Diet Pepsi. Grissom shoots him a look, so Johnny agrees to the glass of wine. Grissom pours it while babbling that he debates opening bottles of wine since he lives alone and won't finish them. Johnny notices a record playing some '40s-type music. When Johnny takes the glass of wine, he has a vision of Grissom disappearing in much the same way Johnny did earlier. Johnny snaps out of it, and Grissom asks if anything is wrong. Johnny explains that since his accident, he "go[es] away for a few moments from time to time." Grissom laughs and agrees. Johnny examines his glass of wine and then studies a framed photograph on a table. Grissom explains that it's a picture of the house where he was born, and that he retired to Maine in hopes of finding it again, but then his health began to fail and he never got the chance. Johnny offers to help Grissom look for it.

Just then, someone walks in the door, and a woman's voice calls out. Startled, Johnny spills a drop of wine on the floor. Grissom asks the woman what she's doing there, and says they were about to play chess. She is surprised to see that Grissom has company. She recognizes Johnny from television, and introduces herself as Alma, Grissom's nurse. She tells Grissom that Johnny is famous. Johnny humbly says that he has "sort of a psychic ability to see things." Grissom has heard of Johnny, and describes him as "the coma victim" who "touches things." Alma asks what Johnny is looking at, and Johnny explains about the photo. Alma grabs it and asks Grissom if he's giving his things away again. Grissom says that Johnny offered to help find the house. Alma explains that Grissom gave his watch to the refrigerator repairman last week. Grissom asks Alma why, since she claims she can't help him find the house, Johnny can't try. Grissom acts like a chastened child. Alma quietly asks Johnny to leave, because Grissom "has had enough excitement for one day." Johnny and Grissom exchange a look. Johnny stands to leave, but doesn't pick up his walking stick. Grissom extends his own cane, and Johnny touches it. Johnny goes into a vision where he is walking the streets of Paris in the 1940s. Vision Johnny walks up to the window of a nightclub where he sees a woman singing a torch song at a piano. He watches her, smoking a cigarette, and she turns and starts singing right to him. Johnny snaps out of it and apologizes for picking up the wrong cane. Alma tells Grissom to say goodbye, and he does. Johnny says that Grissom still owes him a game of chess, and turns to leave. Grissom looks happy and hopeful. Alma shoots Grissom a look like she's going to punish him for some infraction.

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Dead Zone




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