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The Hunt

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The Hunt

The episode begins with a screen containing white text on a black background. Reverend Purdy reads: "Following the events of 9/11, the United States government has been using all available means to track down the perpetrators of this crime against the American people. This story, while fiction, is based on facts provided by sources close to the investigation. The U.S. government will neither confirm nor deny that similar events have actually occurred." Okay, so, interesting premise, but I think it was a mistake to have David Ogden Stiers do the voice-over. His voice is so distinctive that he was instantly recognizable, and that made me think he was going to have something to do with the storyline. And he didn't. It would have been better to have Johnny do the voice-over, or hire a generic voice-over actor.

Fade to a man dressed in a HazMat suit walking into Johnny's house. A telephone rings, and Johnny's answering machine picks up. The outgoing message says that Johnny is away for a few days while some work is being done on his house. The trucks parked outside are related to asbestos removal.

The HazMat guy walks into Johnny's house, which is totally not having asbestos removed. The guy sets down a box at a table in front of two government types dressed in suits, a man and a woman (Frank and Harriet). They are observing Johnny on a video monitor. Frank asks Johnny whether he sees anything. Monitor Johnny concentrates real hard, and then we zoom through the wires and cables until we reach Actual Johnny, who is holding something and trying and failing to initiate a vision. Johnny says he's getting nothing. Next to the government agents, technicians are reading various machines that have been hooked up to Johnny via electrode. Presumably, they are monitoring things like pulse, respiratory rate, and brain activity. Johnny reminds them that his visions don't really work on demand, for the most part. Harriet is annoyed and thinks they are wasting their time. Frank tells Johnny to pick up the next item and try again.

Johnny picks up a cigarette lighter. Harriet is disgusted that they "recruit[ed] from the tabloids," and Frank reminds her that their whole program is at risk and that they need "new blood." Frank speaks to Johnny again, asking him to describe the current location of the agent to whom the lighter belongs. Johnny's got nothing. Frank thinks it might be stage fright, but Harriet thinks the whole thing is a scam, and she's ready to end it. Johnny says that he explained before how his visions work. Harriet starts rummaging through her purse, looking for her car keys. Johnny sees some keys sitting on the table and picks them up. Which sends him into a vision. The brain-wave monitors start going nuts. And yes, "going nuts" is the correct medical term. Johnny tells Harriet to call 911 in Connecticut, because her father just had a heart attack. Harriet finds a phone and places the call.

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Dead Zone




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