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Previously on The Dead Zone: Rev. Purdy pledged his support for Greg Stillson as a candidate for Congress. Johnny met Stillson and had an apocalyptic vision. Stillson met Sarah at a rally and she gave him what-for, and thus Stillson had the hots for her. Or something.

Stillson visits Sarah at home. Stillson's shadowy aide, Sonny, waits with a car out front. Sarah basically tells Stillson that he's a big fat jerk, and Stillson is like, "That's cool." Sarah tries to explain that she's talking about his political persona and not necessarily his true personality. Stillson complains that everyone around him is "always kissing [his] ass." He describes himself as "the last honest politician," and says he's looking for people who will be honest with him. Sarah says that he doesn't know her, and Stillson says that he knows she has a B.S. in Political Science. She does? I thought she was a music teacher. Stillson gives Sarah some political mumbo-jumbo about making a difference.

Cut to Stillson walking out and talking to Sonny, who wants to know if Stillson asked Sarah about Johnny. Stillson didn't think the timing was right. Sonny is worried, because Johnny has been asking questions. Stillson blows off Sonny's concern, because Stillson is "way ahead of [him]."

Stillson finds Johnny having a meal in a diner, reading the paper. Stillson asks if there's "anything about [him] in there." Johnny says he's reading the sports section, but Stillson clarifies that he was talking about Johnny's head. Stillson sits down without being invited and says that Rev. Purdy told him to get to know Johnny. Stillson says he would have called first, but he figured Johnny would sense him coming. Johnny says it doesn't work that way. Stillson says that Johnny touches someone and gets a vision of the person doing something bad, so he wants to know what Johnny sees about him. Stillson says he has things in his past that he's not proud of, but he knows he had good intentions at the time, and he thinks Johnny took his visions out of context. Johnny stares, unblinking. Stillson laughs and wonders why he's trying to justify himself to a fortune-teller, and says he has enough to worry about from his opponent, Harrison Fisher. Johnny tells Stillson not to worry. Stillson stands to leave, and then returns and says he knows that Johnny has seen some "wicked" things, but he doesn't know what politics are like. Stillson puts his hand on Johnny's shoulder and Johnny goes into another apocalyptic vision. Stillson jokes that Johnny must have seen whether he won, but he doesn't want to know, and he leaves, cackling.

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