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Johnny runs into two pre-teen brothers in a convenience store. The boys notice that the dude getting a soda out of the cooler is the same dude whose face is on the tabloid nearby. Hee! The picture of Johnny on the cover of the tabloid has an even bigger forehead than usual with a giant pentagram on it. The headline is "Psychic Smith: Savior or False Prophet?" Props to the people who mocked up that cover because the colors and fonts are dead on. The boys stare at the tabloid cover and then at Johnny's face. Johnny notices and asks what's up. Older Brother whispers, "I see dead people," and I'm not sure if that was supposed to be a joke at Johnny's expense or what. Johnny's like, "Great!" Older Brother asks if Johnny really predicted J.Lo's failed romance like the tabloid says. The boys' mother comes by and yells at them for talking to a stranger, but then trails off when she realizes it's no stranger. It's renowned psychic Johnny Smith! She tells the boys to wait in the car and apologizes to Johnny again. On his way out, one of the boys whines that he bets Johnny doesn't even know J.Lo. Johnny says he does, and they hang out together all of the time. Does Ben know? The shopkeeper isn't interested. Johnny goes to pick up the tabloid that Younger Brother dropped, and he has a vision of Younger Brother running out into the street to catch a football and getting hit by a car. Johnny runs out of the store and sees his vision happening right in front of him. He runs into the road and grabs Younger Brother, but then instead of letting his momentum carry them forward and out of the way, he tries to run back the way he came. Younger Brother escapes injury, but Johnny does not, and his walking stick flies up in the air.

Johnny is rushed into the ER, and doctors yell doctor-type things, including that they need "six units of cryo, stat!" A nurse rushes to the blood bank to fill that order. A whitish liquid flows through a tube into Johnny's body.

Bruce visits Johnny in the hospital. Johnny wakes up and stretches. He asks Bruce to tell him that it's not 2009. Bruce says it's not -- it's 2011. Ba dum bum. Johnny asks if the Red Sox won the Series yet. Bruce chuckles and says that Johnny had some internal bleeding, but basically he's going to be okay, and that he'll be out of the hospital in a few days. Johnny asks if Younger Brother is okay. Bruce says the kid is fine, but that he's suing Johnny. Johnny is incredulous, and Bruce explains that the kid's mom says that Johnny scared the kid and chased him out into the road. Johnny states, "No good deed goes unpunished." Bruce doesn't want to hear Johnny talk like that, because by saving the kid, he introduced positive energy into the universe, and no mitzvah goes unrewarded. Johnny doesn't know what "mitzvah" means. Didn't he watch Sorority Life? Bruce explains that it's a good deed done for no reward. Johnny says that his reward is being sued, and then he goes into a vision. He sees a series of people all giving blood, and as is the usual order in his visions, Johnny appears in the place of the people in his vision, so basically we see six Johnnies, in various outfits, giving blood. Johnny snaps out of it and asks Bruce to get Dr. Gibson. Bruce starts to say that insurance will cover it all, and Johnny insists that he get the doctor. Bruce hurries off.

Dr. Gibson laughs while reading Johnny's chart. Johnny wants to know why she's laughing. Dr. Gibson says that things are always interesting when Johnny pays a visit. She explains that his blood wasn't clotting properly while they worked on him, so they gave him cryo, which is a blood product made from plasma, and that it came from six or so different people. Gibson thinks that as their blood flows through his body, and especially his dead zone, he'll have visions. Gibson says it'll last about twenty-eight days, because that's how long it takes for the cryo to filter out of his body. She asks him to keep a journal of his visions with the date and time, and warns him not to drive a car. I think I like Dr. Gibson better than I like Sarah. Can't they swap places in Johnny's life or something?

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Dead Zone




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