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Playing God

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Playing God

Johnny and Sarah are preparing for a party at Johnny's house. Sarah makes fun of Johnny for getting out the fine china, and Johnny explains that he wasn't sure what the etiquette was. Sarah says that the people coming to visit are their best friends, so etiquette isn't that important. Johnny points out that none of them have seen him in seven years, and that it's been fifteen since they were all best friends. Johnny continues, "Just don't tell me this'll be like old times, especially considering Jason's medical condition." The doorbell rings and Sarah rushes off to answer it, telling Johnny just to use regular coffee mugs and set up in the living room. She's making herself awfully comfortable in Johnny's house, isn't she?

Sarah opens the door to reveal two women standing there. One of the women is Ally Sheedy, who steps forward and gives Sarah a big hug. The other woman, who is a total bitchface, introduces herself as "Erin, Jason's wife." Sarah reminds her that they met at Erin's wedding, but Erin clearly doesn't remember. Or care.

Kate greets Johnny and moves in for a hug, but he tells her that he's "adopted a general 'no hugs' policy." Ally Sheedy seriously has the same haircut she had in The Breakfast Club, but a little more groomed. Kate remembers that if Johnny touches her, he'll see her future. Sarah adds that he might also see her past. Yeah, we all know the premise of the show by now. Kate says that nothing was worse than the blue hair she was sporting junior year. Kate starts listing off all the mundane things that are going to happen to her in the future, and Johnny hugs her to get her to shut up. No vision. Kate asks if she was right about her future, and Johnny says it doesn't work every time. Kate pulls a banner out of her bag that says "Welcome Home," and asks Johnny to touch it and tell them what Jason's face will look like when he sees it. Bitchface Erin steps in and says she doesn't think it's "a good idea to surprise Jason in his condition." Kate thinks Jason will love it.

Cut to Jason, riding up to Johnny's house in the back seat of a town car. And why wasn't he with his wife? Who knows? He looks healthy, but somber. Johnny answers the door and they banter a bit about how Johnny still lives with his folks, which seems a bit insensitive since his parents are dead. Jason sees the "Welcome Home" banner and then Sarah, Kate, and Bitchface Erin pop out and yell, "Surprise!" Jason gets pissed off and asks if this is a joke. Kate says it's for him. Jason yells that he came there to talk to Johnny, "not sit in some fricking healing circle and hold hands." Then he rips down the banner. So he's the Judd Nelson character in this Breakfast Club. Got it.

Johnny finds Jason sulking in the basement and asks what's wrong. Jason says he's dying and everyone is throwing him a party. Johnny thought Jason was still in rehabilitation. Jason thought his sister told everyone that it's over. Wait, I thought Bitchface Erin was his wife. Oh, so Kate must be his sister. Well, that could have been made clearer. Jason says that he's getting worse, and that the doctors put him on a waiting list for a heart transplant, and that he has a high chance of rejection, so even if he does get a heart, it probably won't work. Jason says he made two million dollars last year and he's only thirty-seven years old. Johnny points out that Jason should probably be near his hospital in case a heart becomes available. Jason says he needs Johnny to tell him what's going to happen. Johnny says he can't. Jason reminds Johnny of things he's done in the past. Johnny say that he gets tons of letters from sick people; Jason says he's Johnny's friend and he can't keep going on like this. Jason adds that if he's going to die, he wants to go out "surrounded by women and drugs." Surrounded by drugs? Wouldn't he rather take the drugs? Johnny doesn't want Jason to think that way, but Jason says that Bitchface Erin would probably like the insurance money. Johnny insists that there's still time. Jason holds out his hand and asks if Johnny can promise him that. Jason isn't looking for hope. He just wants peace of mind. Johnny mulls this over and finally grabs Jason's hand. And credits.

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Dead Zone




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