Dead Zone

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Walt stands in the living room, holding the wig. Walt nods to Johnny and then takes Nicholas/Anita away in cuffs. Maddy is also cuffed. She tells Walt that the camera and all tapes are her property and tells Walt to call her entertainment attorney. Walt says she needs a different kind of attorney. As Crazy Carol is led through the room, she tells Johnny that he would have really liked her if he'd gotten to know her. Johnny tells her to take care of herself, and Crazy Carol asks him to write to her. Dana watches and asks Sarah what Crazy Carol sees in Johnny. Sarah shrugs and says she doesn't know. Dana offers Sarah a ride home and they leave. Johnny asks Bruce when those two became friends, and Bruce says he thinks it's when they saw the autographed bras and panties he's been getting. Why would someone autograph their own bra and send it to Johnny? I mean, sending the bra and/or panties, sure. Who hasn't done that? But autographing them first? Johnny says that he's got to talk to Purdy about the form letters they're sending. Then Johnny stops,walks back to the video camera, and turns it off.

In the next episode: Johnny's in a plane that's going down. And then at the very end of the episode, there's a quick shot of a movie called Farmhouse premiering at a movie theater.

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Dead Zone




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