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Anita runs upstairs into the bathroom and slams the door, telling herself that Johnny is lying. (I know at this point most of you have figured out that Anita is Nicholas, but I'm going to stick with the feminine pronouns for now.) Anita cries some more and then looks at herself in the mirror and says that it was a stranger, a drifter. She looks a lot like Demi Moore in St. Elmo's Fire right now. Suddenly, Anita's voice gets much deeper as she tells herself, "You didn't kill them. You couldn't have. It wasn't you!" She cries some more and then bangs her head on the medicine cabinet wondering what she did. She stops, having had a memory or revelation or something. She pulls the medicine cabinet out of the wall, then reaches into the hole and pulls out the sickle she used to murder her family. When she looks in the mirror, she sees the face of young Nicholas.

Maddy sets up the video camera on a tripod. Crazy Carol insists that Maddy and Anita are a couple, and that Maddy would know if Anita were a dude. Maddy realizes that she and Anita "hardly ever messed around." Johnny orders Maddy and Crazy Carol into a nearby room and tells them to lock themselves in. Once they're safely inside, Johnny calls for Anita and starts walking up the stairs.

Crazy Carol and Maddy are in the room Maddy has been using as an editing bay, and the television is tuned to the Faith Heritage network. Purdy appears on screen and announces that their regular programming is delayed for a special presentation. Maddy gets all excited that they are playing the movie trailer. So I guess Purdy can be bought and sold, huh?

Johnny creeps upstairs and calls out to Anita, who is nowhere to be found. He reaches a closed door and peeks in. He only sees the dinner Crazy Carol brought him earlier. He opens the door, lik,e a crack. Way to conduct a thorough search there, Johnny. He continues down the hall as the music gets really intense. Johnny calls out that the house has a story to tell, and he can tell it. He opens another door and peeks into the bathroom. He notices that the medicine cabinet is out of the wall. Johnny continues searching and starts talking about "a troubled boy who couldn't deal with the things that he was feeling so he lashed out, violently against his own family." He reaches the top of the stairs and, out of the corner of his eye, sees someone run by. Johnny starts walking down the stairs, and continues talking: "He couldn't live with what he did, so he buried it within himself and eventually became a completely different person. But some part of him must have wanted the truth to come out. That's why you brought us back here, isn't it? To tell yourself the truth? And get the help you must know you need?" Johnny is now back downstairs, walking from room to room. Suddenly, he sees the shadow of a raised sickle on the wall. He turns in time to see Anita swinging the sickle at him. She rips his shirt, but doesn't appear to draw blood. Anita continues to swing the sickle at Johnny, who runs away. He pushes Anita down and runs into another room. She follows, and they end up on the floor in the room with the camera, with her on top. Johnny manages to hold her wrists so that the sickle is inches from his face, and then rolls Anita over so he is on top. He pulls her wig off, revealing a serious comb-over. She's a killer because she's balding! Johnny grabs the sickle and says, "It's over, Nicholas." Nicholas sobs on the floor. Walt and some other cops bust in as Nicholas continues to sob on the floor.

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Dead Zone




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