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Crazy Carol carefully cuts just enough duct tape to, um, get little Johnny open for business. Johnny says he doesn't want it to be like this, but Crazy Carol's into it. Then she notices that Maddy is filming the whole thing and storms toward the door. She stops when they all hear a scream coming from downstairs. Maddy and Crazy Carol take off. Johnny continues to struggle to get free. In another room, Maddy and Crazy Carol find Anita staring at a red mark on the wall. Crazy Carol asks if it's a question mark, and Anita says that it's a sickle.

Johnny rolls his chair out into the hallway and listens to the women arguing over who put the mark on the wall. They all deny it. Johnny goes into a vision of Mr. Connor and Nicholas walking down the hall. Nicholas is carrying a shotgun. Johnny snaps out of it as the women realize that either one of them is lying, or there's someone else in the house. Johnny tries to roll himself quietly down the hall. He reaches the top of a stairway just as Anita catches up to him and asks what he's doing. When she touches him, he goes into a vision of young Nicholas Connor running down the hallway with the sickle raised over his head. Creepy! Johnny snaps back just as his chair rolls down the stairs. He totally bounces his head on the stairs, which has got to hurt, and then lands at the bottom. While lying there, he goes into another vision of the two Connor parents and Tina sitting there, dead and bloody. Then he sees Nicholas walking down the stairs towards him, sickle in hand. Johnny snaps out of it as all three women run down the stairs and ask if he's okay. As Maddy films, Johnny reveals that Nicholas was the killer. Anita thinks it's ridiculous. Johnny says he knows what he saw and tells them to let him out of the chair.

About eight million cop cars drive over the state line into New Hampshire. Aren't they out of their jurisdiction?

The women let Johnny out of his chair. Maddy continues to film. Anita thinks that Johnny is lying because he wants to get out of there. Crazy Carol says she wants out, too. Johnny walks over to the door, but it's locked with a padlock. He goes into a vision of Nicholas locking the door. Johnny snaps out of it and announces that Nicholas is in the house. Anita tells the others that Johnny is just trying to scare them. Johnny asks if there's another exit. Maddy says there's a back door but that it's boarded up. Crazy Carol asks Maddy to stop filming and asks Johnny if they could get out a window. Anita says that she's read all of Nicholas's psychiatric reports (and could she really do that if she weren't either a doctor or a family member?), and Nicholas suffered a "complete infantile regression, which is consistent with emotional trauma." Johnny tries the boards over the back door, and says that they haven't been touched in years. I guess he's trying to say that there's no way Nicholas could have gotten in that way. Again, the windows? Crazy Carol is maybe not so crazy there. Anita touches Johnny's arm, and has a vision of her morphing into Nicholas as s/he tells Johnny that Nicholas is a victim, not a killer. Johnny turns around, and Anita seems to realize that he saw something since she backs off, and then turns and runs away. Maddy calls after her but Johnny tells them to let Anita go.

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Dead Zone




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