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Johnny continues to struggle to get free. He rolls his chair over to a vanity, which sends him into a vision of Nicholas Connor brushing his sister's hair, creepily. Even creepier? I have almost that same vanity in my bedroom growing up. It was my great-grandmother's. Crazy Carol comes in with dinner and Johnny snaps out of it. She tries to feed him, but he says that he's not hungry. She thinks he's mad at her. Johnny says he wants to get to know her better. Crazy Carol starts rattling off some facts until Johnny says seductively (I guess) that he'd like to spend more time with her away from the farmhouse. Crazy Carol thinks that he's got Stockholm syndrome. Johnny says he feels close to her. Crazy Carol wishes she could believe that. She sits on his lap, facing him. Johnny tells her that he needs her help to get out. Crazy Carol says she can't do it. Johnny tries to guilt-trip her into it, but Carol won't do it. Johnny promises her that they'll be together. Crazy Carol starts making out with him. Johnny looks creeped out, but decides to go with it.

Sarah and Dana go to the motel where Crazy Carol was staying and talk to the manager. He recognizes her picture and says that she was singing karaoke in their bar a few nights ago. Well, if you didn't think she was crazy before, with the cats and the internet, the karaoke just pushes it over the top. Sarah thinks it might be too early to call Walt in on this. The manager reveals that Crazy Carol was visiting with some friends from L.A., but that they all haven't been around in a few days.

Meanwhile, Crazy Carol is taking her shirt off! Woo! She tells Johnny that she believes they were destined to be together on that night, because she's ovulating. I've got to say that Tracey Gold looks really good in a camisole, especially given her past problems with eating disorders. Johnny thinks Crazy Carol is kidding. She tells him that she wants to have his baby. Johnny goes into a vision of a very pregnant Crazy Carol, knitting, with cats around. He snaps out of it and tells Crazy Carol that they can't do this. She insists that they can. I have to say that she's going to have a difficult time, er, collecting the sample if Johnny isn't into it. Carol slides down to her knees. Oh, dear.

The manager lets Sarah and Dana into Johnny's kidnappers' motel room. Would he really just let them in? There are storyboards all over the walls detailing their planned film. Dana notices pictures of the Connor farm and says that a family was killed there twenty years earlier. Sarah finally calls Walt.

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Dead Zone




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