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Later that day, someone goes into the basement of the farmhouse and uses a crowbar to pry away some boards in the wall. The person pulls out a metal box, and opens it to reveal what looks like Tina Connor's hair. The person starts chanting the jump rope rhyme in a male-ish voice.

Back at Faith Heritage University, it's night, and Dana and Sarah are still in the mailroom sorting through Johnny's mail. Where is J.J.? Home alone? With Walt's mom? Does Walt have a mom? I know it's a dumb detail, but I'm kind of obsessing over it. Sarah runs across another letter from Crazy Carol and reads aloud: "Dear Johnny. If you touch this letter, you'll be touching me." She announces that Crazy Carol sent Johnny thirteen letters in three months. Dana says she's got fifteen from a Mrs. Hazel Glim of Butte, Montana, who "thinks that Johnny is a sign from the Lord that the world is coming to an end." It's funny because it's true. Sarah is astonished at all the "complete strangers who think that they know Johnny intimately." Dana says they should talk to her and Sarah, who could tell them how Johnny sometimes wears the same clothes two days in a row. Sarah hates when Johnny does that, and mentions how Johnny sings along with the car radio. Dana and Sarah both talk about how Johnny talks with his mouth full, and they laugh together. Then Dana has to take it a step too far and talk about how Johnny snores. Sarah gets uncomfortable and then says that Johnny is good at finding lost keys. Dana adds that Johnny never watches sports on TV because he always knows who's going to win. Sarah asks Dana if she thinks Johnny will be okay, and Dana says that they need "a psychic to find [their] psychic." They both turn back to their tasks, and Dana finds another letter from Crazy Carol. Sarah notices that it is dated just a few days earlier, and that the return address is a hotel in Bangor.

Rev. Purdy gets an update from a lackey. It seems that someone has broken into their computer network. Purdy asks how much money they want, and the lackey says that they actually want to pay Faith Heritage, and makes Purdy promise to "watch the whole thing" before saying no. Purdy watches an animation sent by Maddy. The animation changes to footage of Johnny being kidnapped. Purdy tells the lackey to call Walt, and the lackey says he's downstairs. The animation continues, with Maddy saying that Johnny is fine and that he'll be released if Purdy follows instructions. She wants Purdy to run a seven-minute trailer on his network that night, because they've already told potential distributors it'll be on. In return, Maddy offers Faith Heritage 5% of the adjusted gross profits of the movie, if it gets picked up. Purdy starts to give a big speech about how he won't take their "blood money," but the lackey hands him an envelope containing "the gross receipts for a movie called The Blair Witch Project." Oh, I refuse to believe they've never even heard of it. Never seen it, maybe, but never heard of it? What were they, in a cave? Purdy is still trying to keep up his disgusted demeanor, but can't contain his curiosity. The lackey starts rattling off some numbers, and reveals that 5% would be about $17 million.

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Dead Zone




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