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Back at the farmhouse, Anita points out that they're miles away from anywhere, so they can take the duct tape off Johnny's mouth since no one will hear him if he screams. They rip the tape off and Johnny immediately says that they have to get out of there because it isn't safe. Maddy points out that "unsafe" will make for a good movie. Johnny tells them about his recent visions. Anita shows him a picture of the kind of sickle used in the murders there, and adds that they never recovered the actual weapon. Johnny insists that his visions were of the future, not the past. Crazy Carol runs in with some cookies. Johnny begs her to tell the other women to believe him. Anita fills in that Johnny had a vision that they would all die, but she thinks he's just trying to scare them into letting him go. Johnny screams, "Will you listen to me?"

Rev. Purdy shows Dana and Sarah to the mailroom and explains that they work to screen Johnny's mail and identify possible threats. Dana and Sarah are amazed to see how much mail Johnny gets; it fills the room. Purdy says that it's mostly requests for autographs, or thank-you notes. Sarah spots a bin full of stuffed animals and such, and Purdy says that some people send items in, hoping Johnny can do a reading for them. Purdy paws through the items and shows off a bra, laughing. Sarah quietly asks Dana if it's hers, and Dana replies, "I don't need to mail him mine." Ha! Score one for Dana. She asks Purdy how many weeks' worth of material they are looking at, and Purdy says that they're only looking at one day's worth of mail. Sarah is shocked. We know this because she bugs her eyes out.

Johnny tells the women that the whole thing is a bad idea, and asks if they really want to go to prison. Maddy says that they won't, and Johnny points out that kidnapping is a felony. Anita interrupts to say that the house has a story to tell, and the sooner Johnny tells it, the sooner he can leave. Johnny reminds her that he needs to touch things, and can't get visions while taped to the chair. Anita tells him to use his feet. Does that work? Anita tells Crazy Carol to push Johnny around. She pushes him over to a desk, and nothing happens. Maddy yells at Crazy Carol to stop looking into the camera. Crazy Carol continues to push Johnny around the room, but nothing happens.

Until Johnny's feet touch an old bed frame, that is. Johnny goes into a vision of a couple getting dressed in the morning and discussing their day's activities. Johnny tells Anita (who is also in the vision) what he sees. Anita guesses some of the details, indicating that Johnny is clearly seeing something she knows about already. Anita tells Johnny that he's looking at Daniel and Cheryl Connor, and pulls out a crime scene photo of the man and woman after they were murdered. Johnny hears someone chanting "Big house, little house, back house, barn" in another room. He walks over and sees a little girl jumping rope and chanting. Anita says that it was a playroom for the children. Johnny starts chanting along with her. Anita guesses that the girl has long red hair, and then shows Johnny another crime scene photo of the girl, dead, with her hair chopped off. Anita says that this was Tina Connor, and that they never found her hair. Johnny squats down and sees that there is a boy hiding under the desk in the room, reading. Anita says that it's Nicholas Connor; he hid in the basement crawl space during the killings and they didn't find him for three days. He couldn't speak for a year afterward, and spent most of his life in mental institutions, but disappeared two years ago. Anita says she's tried to find him, and failed. Johnny snaps out of the vision. Maddy is happy with the footage she got, and asks Johnny to give her details so she can dramatize the visions with actors later on. Maddy leaves to recharge her camera batteries. Johnny tries to convince Crazy Carol to let him go now. Anita says that Johnny hasn't identified the Reaper, which is what people called "the drifter" who killed the Connor family. Crazy Carol takes off to start dinner. Johnny asks again to leave. Anita says he's persistent, and Johnny says that she is, too. Anita gets angry and yells that she's trying to solve a mystery, because "a cold-blooded killer" walked away, and he could still be alive, and she wants to find him. Johnny asks why. Anita talks about how you can buy famous murderer action figures, but only the ones who are in jail or dead, and she wants to add the Reaper to her collection. Johnny is silent. Anita walks out. Johnny tries to wriggle out of his chair, unsuccessfully.

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Dead Zone




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