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Crazy Carol wants to tidy up all the spider webs, but the other women won't let her. Anita wonders what would happen if Johnny touched a spider. Probably nothing? Camera Chick thinks Johnny might see himself ingesting a fly, and thinks she could recreate that for their movie. All three women walk upstairs where Johnny is just waking up to find himself duct-taped to a chair. Hey, people need all that duct tape for important terrorist-prevention-related activities! Anita thinks Johnny looks drowsy and Crazy Carol says she used the amount of chloroform suggested on the website. Camera Chick films the whole thing. Anita tells Johnny to nod if he understands. Camera Chick points out that Johnny can't nod due to the giant amounts of duct tape around his head. Anita tells him to blink if he can nod. Shout-out! Johnny blinks! Crazy Carol apologizes for her actions the other night and says she thought she might convince him to help them. She thanks him for not pressing charges.

Anita tells Johnny that they're not professional kidnappers, but none of Johnny's representatives responded to Maddy's (Camera Chick's) proposal for the movie project. Maddy only got a form letter. Of course she got a form letter. Why would she think she should get more? She's lucky she even got a form letter. Maddy recites the form letter she got from the Faith Heritage Alliance. Anita says they're making a documentary and her role is that of historian. She and Maddy are from L.A. and Crazy Carol pipes up that she's "the local Smithophile...and caterer." Crazy Carol adds that they met in a chat room. Of course they did. Because women who have cats are crazy, but women who go in chat rooms are reeeeeeeeeeally crazy. Anita says that they're across the state line in New Hampshire. So doesn't taking him across state lines make it a federal case? Or is that just kidnapping of minors? Everything I know about the legal system I learned from television and movies, sadly. Anita says that twenty years ago that night, some terrible murders happened in that house. Maddy says that some think that house is haunted, and they thought bringing Johnny and the house together might result in great filmmaking. Crazy Carol yells that it's like The Blair Witch Project. Maddy thinks that movie was crap because it was "commercialism masking as verité," and what they're doing tonight is real. Carol notices that Johnny is sweating and busts out some handiwipes to wipe his brow. Johnny has a series of visions of a bloody sickle, his stomach being splashed with blood, and Maddy lying dead in a corner. Johnny starts trying to shout and escape, but duct tape is really strong, y'all.

Back at the police station, Walt gives instructions to people; he explains that they don't know yet if it's a kidnapping case, but they're treating it as such. Bruce brings up Crazy Carol, and Walt says they're trying to locate it right now. Walt asks Dana not to report the story for forty-eight hours and Dana says Johnny's been missing less than a day so it's not really news yet anyway. Walt says that he and Bruce will retrace Johnny's footsteps over the last day. Sarah asks what her assignment is. Walt wants her to go home because it's police business. Sarah points out that Bruce gets to help and he's not a cop. Walt says that Sarah needs to go home because J.J. will be there shortly. Okay, he doesn't, but he should. Instead, he says (with some prompting from Bruce) that Bruce is "a material witness." Sarah thinks it's because she's the sheriff's wife. Walt agrees. Dana says that Sarah can go with her, but Walt refuses. What is he, her jailer? Then he reconsiders, and asks where Dana is going. Dana says she's going to the Faith Heritage mailroom to check out Johnny's fan mail for clues. Walt thinks this is acceptable and gives Sarah permission. She shoots him a look and Walt pretends like he's not ordering her around like a big jerk.

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Dead Zone




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