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Johnny drives down the road. He comes upon a car that appears to have run into a telephone pole, and is smoking. He slows and sees the driver slumped over the steering wheel, so he stops and walks back. Dude, just whip out your cell phone and call 911! What if the car's about to blow? He asks the driver if she's hurt. She says she's not, and that she just looked down for a second. Johnny finally pulls out his phone, but the woman insists that she'll be all right. Johnny grabs the car door to pull it open for her and goes into a vision of Crazy Carol standing in front of the car and giving the woman the thumbs-up. When Johnny snaps back, Crazy Carol is holding a chloroform (I assume)-soaked cloth over his face. Another woman is filming the whole thing. Johnny struggles and then falls to the ground. The driver, the woman with the camera, and Crazy Carol all stand over Johnny and smile.

Bruce talks to Dana on the phone. She's upset that Johnny is an hour late for lunch, and that he's not answering his cell phone. Bruce says he has no idea where Johnny is. Dana asks if Sarah called him. Bruce is sure that Johnny wouldn't just blow Dana off. Dana tells Bruce to have Johnny call her, clearly pissed. Bruce is like, "How did I get in the middle of this?"

Dana knocks on Sarah's door. Sarah is not very happy to see her. Dana says she's looking for Johnny, but Sarah says he's not there. Dana wants to see for herself. Sarah tells Dana that she has "a hell of a lot of nerve," and that she's busy. Sarah tries to slam the door, but Dana learned the old "foot in the door" trick that they must teach in Reporter School. They argue some more, until Dana is interrupted by her cell phone ringing. It's Walt, and he wants to know if she's seen Johnny. Dana hasn't, and reveals that she's with Sarah. Walt wants to know if Sarah has heard from Johnny. Sarah grabs the phone and asks what's going on. Walt says that an officer found Johnny's car on a back road, and there are no signs of an accident, but no signs of Johnny, either. Walt promises to call both women if he finds anything out. Dana hangs up. Sarah says she won't sit there and wait for a call. She grabs her coat, and she and Dana take off. What about J.J.? I guess he's in school.

Walt and his fellow officers find some marks that look like someone was dragged through the mud. Walt notices that the telephone pole is splintered. They just noticed that? What kind of cops are they? Crappy small-town cops, I guess.

Abandoned farmhouse. The woman who was driving the car starts up a gas-powered generator and flips on a light. Crazy Carol unpacks some food from some grocery bags. The woman who was operating the camera edits her footage on a laptop and adds sound and score. She proclaims, "Oliver Stone is a pussy." Okay, granted, but why Oliver Stone? Driver Chick comes up and asks Camera Chick how it's going. Camera Chick says that if all of their footage is this good, they're in business. Driver Chick starts massaging Camera Chick shoulders, and Camera Chick tells her not to tease. Driver Chick says she might not be teasing and Camera Chick says, "It's always a tease with you." J-Dawg says, "Why is Driver Chick's head so gigantic?" It really is. Gigantic. Driver Chick is all offended and we finally learn that her name is Anita as Camera Chick apologizes. Anita walks away.

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Dead Zone




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