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Carol Seaver lights some candles and tells someone how happy she is and how long she's waited to cook for him. Did I accidentally put in my tape of the Growing Pains reunion TV movie? Johnny, in his bathrobe, tells her where she can find a frying pan. Is this a date? Why is Johnny in his bathrobe? Why is he dating Carol Seaver? Carol compliments Johnny's house and says it's even nicer than she thought it would be. Johnny smiles tightly. Carol pulls some seafood out of a bag and tells Johnny that this recipe is her specialty. As she walks around the kitchen preparing the meal, she keeps sneaking peeks at Johnny and smiling. Carol confesses that she actually prepared this meal six times this week for practice, and fed the food to her cats. Oh, she must be crazy! She owns cats! Johnny guesses that she has a whole bunch of cats. Carol confirms that she does. Oh, she's definitely crazy. No sane woman has more than one cat! Sane women own dogs! I guess this line of thought is only funny if you know that I have three cats (and a dog). But I was cracking myself up there.

Carol pours the shrimp into a frying pan and then pulls a giant chef's knife out of a knife block. Johnny cringes and Carol asks why he's so jumpy. Just then, someone bursts through the door and calls out Johnny's name. Johnny tells the unseen person to come into the kitchen. Carol says she thought it was just going to be the two of them. Two cops show up in the doorway and Johnny tells them that Carol seems pretty harmless. Carol asks what's going on as one of the cops handcuffs her. We find out that Carol rowed a boat and scaled a rock wall to get into Johnny's house. Carol says she knew Johnny would like her if he got to know her, and as the cops lead her out, she gives Johnny some final advice on cooking the shrimp. If Crazy Carol is really crazy, I hope Johnny doesn't eat that food. God knows what she put in it. Plus, there's probably stray cat hair in the bag or something.

A tech installs some wiring in Johnny's house. Bruce reminds Johnny that he needs to be more careful, because there are a lot of people out there watching him. Bruce says that someone might try to shoot Johnny to impress Jodie Foster. Wouldn't the person shoot someone else to impress Johnny? Johnny sarcastically suggests they dig a moat around his house and fill it with sharks. Bruce says it worked for Rob Roy. You know, I saw that movie and yet all I remember from it is Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange totally doing it in a field. With kilts. Johnny says that the locks don't just keep the crazies out, they keep him in, and he wants to have a life. Rev. Purdy shows up and starts talking to Johnny about a safe room. What's with all the Jodie Foster references this week? Johnny doesn't want one. Purdy keeps talking to one of the security guys while Johnny continues to look dismayed.

Johnny says he needs to go because he has a lunch date with Dana. Bruce (in his role as viewer surrogate) asks how that's going. Johnny says he hasn't talked to her for a while, and that he cancelled once. Bruce thinks Johnny is screwing up the relationship. Johnny says that Dana thinks it's due to him and Sarah. Bruce says that the thing with Sarah was "a one-night mistake," but Johnny insists that "it changed everything." Bruce says that we learn from our mistakes, and then decides that with his abilities, Johnny should learn from his mistakes before he makes them. A tech sets off the security alarm and Johnny and Bruce are both startled. Bruce suggests that instead of sharks, they fill the moat with koi. Johnny says no and walks off.

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Dead Zone




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