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Descent (1)

Previously on The Dead Zone: Sarah told Johnny that she was really in love with Walt, her husband. Walt asked Sarah what she would do when Johnny found a new lady, and lo and behold, Johnny hooked up with Dana, to Sarah's chagrin. Sarah admitted that she has thought about a life with Johnny. Johnny said he's loved Sarah all of his life. Dana accused Johnny of still being in love with Sarah. Johnny watched as Walt and Sarah snuggled. And then Johnny and Sarah totally did it! In front of a fireplace, which makes it extra-illicit!

Walt and Sarah walk out of a theater. Sarah says she liked the movie, but Walt doesn't buy it. Sarah says that it was "a diverting hour and a half." What the hell movie did they go see that was so short, The Wild Thornberrys? Walt says they could have seen the Italian film, but Sarah says she hates reading subtitles. Walt reminds her that he's the one who hates that. Sarah jokes that next time they can see "an Ingmar Bergman double feature," which was an odd choice, since they were talking about Italian films. Wouldn't it have made more sense to say "Fellini double feature" or something? Also, why is Walt holding an umbrella when there is not one drop of rain falling anywhere?

Walt gives Sarah the whatever face and walks off, then asks if she's going to tell him what's up. Sarah plays dumb, as usual. Walt says he knows something's up due to her picking a movie he likes, going on lunch dates with him, and watching a football game. It's kind of sad that she never did that stuff until her guilty conscience kicked in. I mean, I'm not saying that she should give up all her own interests to be with Walt, but man, keep the home fires burning! Sarah jokes that she'll try harder to ignore her family. Walt points out that this all happened when she stopped talking to Johnny on the phone every night. They were talking every night? Dump her ass, Walt! What husband would stand by while his wife talked to her ex-fiancé on the phone every night, especially when everyone in town knows that said fiancé is still in love with her? Plus, Johnny can see the future and all, so you'd think Walt would suspect that Johnny had seen a future for himself with Sarah, which is why he hasn't dropped it. Sarah says that she "had to marry a cop," and admits that she and Johnny are making like Ross and Rachel and taking a break. She explains, "We're trying to figure out how we fit into each other's lives, or even if we do." Walt says it seems like Sarah's trying to figure out how she fits into Walt's life, and their son's. Walt's phone rings, so he totally gets the last word. Bitches! Walt tells the person on the phone to pick him up in front of the theater, then hangs up and tells Sarah that she "had to marry a cop." Walt says they're not done, and Sarah says she owes him "a conversation rain check." Who talks like that? Walt kisses her and hands over the car keys and the mystery umbrella. Sarah sighs.

Johnny investigates one of Stillson's aides on the internet, and finds out that he used to serve in the military. Johnny wonders aloud what branch of the military it was, and then realizes that he's totally talking to himself. Hee! I do that all the time. That's why it's good to have pets -- if someone catches you talking to yourself, you can just pretend that you were talking to your cat. Although that's not exactly a good sign either. Anyway, Johnny says that he's also having apocalyptic visions and doing obsessive internet searches, which are "the trifecta of mental-health warning signs." It's good to see that Johnny has a sense of humor about himself. Johnny's phone rings. It's Walt. Johnny examines a bulletin board on his wall that is covered with Stillson information as he tells Walt that he'll be right there. After hanging up, Johnny covers his bulletin board with a cloth and realizes, "And then there's paranoia. And I'm still talking to myself." Ha. I like self-deprecating Johnny.

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