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Johnny and Bruce walk into a crowded restaurant. Bruce says he'll put their names in for a table and Johnny says he'll grab some them seats in the bar. Johnny walks into the bar and sits down next to Reiko Aylesworth, who is pretty hot even though she's all dressed up in business wear. As Johnny sits down, he brushes against Reiko and has a vision of them standing under a streetlight, kissing passionately. Johnny snaps out of the vision and sits down next to Reiko, who barely notices him. Johnny smirks. Aw, yeah! Johnny's gonna get some!

Johnny continues to stare at Reiko (whose character is named Natalie, although we don't find that out until later in the episode, but I'm just going to go with it for now), perhaps trying to figure out how to get to the good stuff. She still doesn't seem to pay him much attention, and while picking up her glass of wine, she knocks her purse off the bar. When she goes to catch the purse, she spills the wine. That is so something I would do. Johnny catches the purse and its contents, which have partially spilled out. Johnny offers to get her another glass of wine, and signals the bartender to place his order. Natalie says that she's preoccupied and Johnny keeps staring at her, which is starting to get kind of creepy. Bruce rolls up and says their table is ready. Johnny tries to stall, but Bruce is all, "Dude! I'm starving!" Johnny rushes over to Bruce and tells him about the kissing vision. Bruce checks Natalie out and obviously approves of Johnny's plan to hang out at the bar a while longer.

Johnny heads back to his seat and continues exchanging glances with Reiko -- that kind of glancing where you both know you want to talk to each other but neither of you is willing to take the plunge. Johnny finally comes up with the well-worn excuse of asking about her drink. Natalie says that her drink is an apple martini. Shouldn't that be an apple-tini? Johnny offers to buy her one, but Natalie demurs, saying that she gets goofy on martinis, and that she's there with her employees. She indicates the three guys at the end of the bar. Johnny asks about her work, and Natalie says she's an insurance adjuster, there to audit a big claim outside of town. At first, I thought she was going to be there to check out Faith Heritage's claim for the tornado damage, but I doubt they had tornado insurance, since they live in Maine and all. Natalie asks Johnny what he does, and Johnny hesitantly says that he's a "consultant" in "futures." Heh. Natalie tries to clarify that answer, but her employees interrupt to say that they are going to go see a local band playing up the street. They invite Natalie along. She turns them down, as they figured she would, since she's "management," and they're "just a couple of drunken losers." One of the guys actually gives the other one a noogie. So sad. Natalie snarks, "Insurance adjusters gone wild." The third employee interrupts his cell-phone conversation to ask Natalie if she's sure she doesn't want to go. Natalie says she's going to check out a nearby bookstore. The employees start to leave and Natalie says she'll walk out with them. She thanks Johnny again for the drink and walks out.

Bruce joins Johnny at the bar. Bruce wants the skinny, and Johnny explains that Natalie left. Bruce urges Johnny to use his powers to get laid once in a while. Totally! Johnny needs to be less of a goody-goody sometimes. Johnny says he doesn't need to do anything to make his vision happen -- he just needs to sit back and let it happen. Which seems like an argument for predestination over free will, but I took enough philosophy in college to know that I don't want to go there. Bruce argues that Johnny might be changing the future by deciding to do nothing, and urges him to "get in the game." Johnny calls Bruce "the Vince Lombardi of existentialism." Bruce tells Johnny to get the hell out of there.

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