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Dead Men Tell Tales

A police detective stares straight into the camera and says, "I've been doing this a long time and I can tell when someone's lying. You are lying, Mr. Smith." Johnny does what he does best -- stares back without blinking. Johnny and the detective stare each other down for a minute. And then they make out. Just kidding. The detective walks out of the room and we see that Walt has been watching through the super-secret police one-way window thing. I totally want one of those. I don't know where, but it would be cool to spy on people. The detective walks in and tells Walt that something's going on, and it's definitely got something to do with the girl. His reasoning? "Cherchez la femme." The detective tells Walt that Johnny is all his, because they have bigger fish to fry, and walks out.

Walt enters the interrogation room. Johnny stares at him for a while and asks if Walt has talked to the hospital. Walt has no patience for small talk and sharply asks Johnny if he's "blocking a major C.I.D. investigation because [he] has a soft spot for the girl." Johnny says he barely knows the girl. Walt points out that Johnny has ways of knowing everything about people in a short time, and this girl had quite a past. Johnny sacks up and tells Walt either to charge him with something or let him go. Walt stares at Johnny and says Johnny's not going anywhere, because he is "in this up to [his] neck and [Walt] will cut it off if [he] has to." He'll cut his neck off? That doesn't even make sense. Walt says they're going to go through the whole thing again, since the viewers are completely confused at this point, "starting with the murder." Johnny says it was self-defense. Walt says that according to the crime-scene report, "small-time hood Mickey Doyle walks into the store with a gun, and Cathan Donnegal's wiseguys shoot him and kill him." Johnny dramatically says, "They shot him," and then leans forwards as we close up on his eyes, "but I'm the one who killed him." What's with the melodrama this week?

Now we get to go back to the beginning and find out what the hell is going on. Johnny voice-overs that he thought Cathan (pronounced Cay-an) Donnegal just sold plumbing fixtures; Johnny found him in the yellow pages. Johnny is in an appliance store and Donnegal walks up and hands him some paperwork. When Johnny touches the papers, he has a vision of Donnegal falling to the floor after being shot. Vision Johnny looks over and sees the shooter: a skinny guy in a fedora. Johnny snaps out of it and tells Donnegal that a man will come in there with a gun. Johnny gives a physical description of the shooter. Donnegal asks who Johnny is and why he's saying this. Johnny explains about his abilities, and one of Donnegal's goons says he read about Johnny in the tabloids. Johnny says that this man could shoot Donnegal, and that Donnegal should call the police. Donnegal doesn't seem to take to that idea. Johnny voice-overs that Donnegal gave him an extended warranty for free and bid him goodbye.

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Dead Zone




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