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Ascent (2)

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Ascent (2)

At some later point, Sarah and JJ show up to take Walt home. Sarah asks if he's ready, and Walt says he needs to get out of there before he loses it. Johnny walks up holding champagne in an ice bucket. He hands it to Sarah and tells her to keep the ice in the bucket this time. Hey, way to make Walt feel like an outsider with your inside jokes, jerk. Sarah chuckles and tells Walt she'll explain in the car. She's kind of a jerk, too. Walt tells Johnny he wouldn't believe the dreams he's been having. Johnny asks what kind, and Walt says, "About you and me." Is it me, or was that kind of a suggestive thing to say? Johnny says it's not unusual for former coma patients to have vivid dreams. Walt says your mind plays tricks on you. Sarah invites Johnny to join them for dinner. Johnny quickly says he has plans, and Sarah wheels Walt off as JJ follows. Johnny watches them go, then walks away.

Next week: Enjoy the Super Bowl (or not), because USA's just repeating the first three episodes of the second season.

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