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Ascent (2)

The doctor orders her assistant to separate Walt and Johnny. He pulls and pulls, but their hands won't come apart. Because they are in love! Johnny stands on the street, and the white light starts coming at him for everywhere. Back in the hospital, the doctor still works frantically and says that if Johnny doesn't start breathing soon, they may need to intubate. Sarah watches and reacts with horror. Johnny is suddenly in the hospital, and the white light starts breaking through the walls. He looks around for Walt. Suddenly, he's at Walt and Sarah's house, and the white light is breaking through the walls there too. Johnny steps outside and all off the scenery looks like an overexposed negative. He runs to the police station and finds Walt behind his desk. Johnny doesn't see any white light breaking through the walls here. Johnny says he's been looking everywhere for him. Walt says that behind the desk is his favorite place in the world. Johnny tells him not to leave it, then. Walt thinks his dad's right, and that it's time for him to move on. Johnny says it's not his dad, but Walt doesn't believe it. Death shows up and asks Walt if he's ready.

Back in the hospital, the doctors are giving Johnny CPR and shocking him with the paddles. Walt is also in arrest, but no one seems to care that much. Back in Walt's office, he looks at a picture of Sarah and JJ. Walt says it's been a pretty good run, and asks Death what happens now. The white light starts breaking through the walls. Death says that words can't describe it. Walt says he spent six of the best years of his life with Sarah and JJ. Johnny angrily says that Walt doesn't have to leave them. Death tells Walt that he can still look in on them. At the hospital, Johnny still has no cardiac rhythm, and now Walt is getting the paddles, too. Back in the office, Johnny tells Walt that it's only been three days and he's ready to move on, when Johnny hung in there for six years. Death tells Walt that Johnny is just trying to upset him, and Johnny says, "You do keep saying that." Walt says he doesn't want Sarah to go through the pain again. Johnny doesn't blink. Walt says it's better for Sarah and JJ to get on with their lives. Death is like, "Let's go already." Walt tells Johnny that he's not a bad guy. The white lights gets stronger. Johnny says he might be a bad guy. He brings up the ring that Sarah keeps in her drawer. Death tries to interrupt to prevent Johnny from telling this story. Johnny says the ring isn't there anymore, because Sarah came over to his house a few weeks ago to give it back. Walt is interested. Johnny says it dredged up some serious memories and one thing led to another. Walt's all, "Then what?" and Johnny's like, "We totally did it!" Walt punches Johnny. Yeah!

In the hospital, Walt's pulse has returned. In the office, Walt tells Johnny that he couldn't keep his hands off Sarah. Johnny runs and flies into Walt, so that they both go crashing through a window. The white light starts to dissipate. Johnny and Walt fight. Suddenly they are in the coal mine, and the white light is still retreating. Walt ends up on top of Johnny, fist cocked. He stops and asks, "What, do you expect me to forgive you before I die?" Johnny says, "Who said anything about dying?" Death shakes his head sadly and walks off down the tunnel. Johnny stands and offers Walt his hand. When they touch hands in the vision, we flash to them holding hands in the hospital. They slowly loosen their grips. The doctor orders her assistants to keep working on Johnny, because he's got a rhythm. Sarah walks in and tells Walt that she's there. Johnny slowly opens his eyes. Hey, he does have eyelids. The doctor asks Johnny how he's feeling. He looks over and sees Sarah talking to Walt, and says he's good. Rev. Purdy says, "Thy will be done." The doctor introduces herself to Walt and asks if he remembers his accident. He remembers everything up to the big collapse. The doctor asks if he remembers Sarah, and he does. Johnny watches sadly, and then looks at Rev. Purdy, who's like, "What?" Walt and Sarah tenderly reconcile as Johnny lies alone.

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Dead Zone




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