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Ascent (2)

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Ascent (2)

Flashback to Walt kissing Sarah for the first time while she was pregnant. Johnny and Death watch. What are they, perverts? Death says that human nature is predictable and irrelevant. Johnny questions that, and Death says, "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust." Johnny asks if nothing in between counts. Death says it doesn't for him. They follow Walt and Sarah. Death sighs and calls the couple "two lost souls who find themselves in a time of adversity." He tells Johnny to let them go, because a few extra seconds together won't matter. Johnny thinks he was wrong about Death, because he doesn't sound anything like Walt, so he can't be a figment of Walt's imagination. Death suggests that he's a figment of Johnny's imagination. Has Johnny ever met Walt's dad in real life? Because otherwise that doesn't really seem possible.

Death thinks that Rev. Purdy will have some interesting things to say about the whole thing when it's over, and it needs to get over soon. Johnny says that's up to Walt, but Death thinks Walt is suffering unnecessarily and shouldn't get upset because he has to accept that it's his time. Johnny, unblinking, asks who decided that. Death says that Walt called him, and that it would all be over already if Johnny hadn't been such a buttinsky. Johnny, unblinking, doesn't think Walt would give up. Death says that Walt is being a hero like John Wayne, so that Sarah can live her life. Death thinks that Johnny's efforts are admirable, but that they won't make a difference. Johnny, unblinking, wants to make a deal. It would be funny if Death were played by Monty Hall. Who might be dead. ["Nope, still hanging on." -- Wing Chun] Death laughs and says you can't bargain with Death. Johnny, unblinking, wants to make a trade. Death asks, "You for him?" Johnny asks why not, and Death jokes that heroes are everywhere. Johnny remembers that Death told him they met before, and he must be the one that got away. Death agrees, and says he got tired of waiting. Johnny, unblinking, says that Death doesn't have to wait anymore. Death says he's right, but that he's not making a trade. Death adds that the stress of Johnny's body can't be measured by machines, so he let it continue. Death says, "That's why I let you think that you might be able to take Walt with you. But the truth is, all this time, he's been taking you with him and now there's no going back, John. For either of you." Johnny reacts by not blinking. Death puts his hand on Johnny's chest and a white light appears. Cut back to the hospital, where the doctors note that Johnny has stopped breathing. The doctor puts Johnny on an oxygen mask and tells the assistant to call for a crash cart. Wow, I bet both Johnny and Walt will die.

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Dead Zone




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