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Ascent (2)

Johnny turns to Walt's dad and says, "You're not his father." He responds, "I am his father, and your father, and everyone's father." Wow, Walt's dad really got around. Okay, fine. I guess he's supposed to be some Joe Black version of Death. I prefer the old dude in the black robe carrying a scythe myself. Or maybe he's supposed to be Death's little helper or something, but I'm just going to call him Death because it's easier to type than "Walt's dad," and I'm lazy like that. Anyway, Death says that he and Johnny met before, but that no one wants to remember meeting him. Johnny says that Death (in the form of Walt's dad) is a figment of Walt's imagination. Death says that many people report seeing relatives during near-death experiences, and that he's just there to serve as a guide. Johnny says that Death is playing on all of Walt's doubts and fears. Death accuses Johnny of creating all said doubts and fears, and wonder what it must be like for him to feel what Walt feels now. With a sigh, he proclaims that all of that suffering is behind Walt now. Johnny doesn't accept that. Death laughs and says it's not a contest. Death invites Johnny to stay as long as he'd like, and then disappears.

Johnny starts looking for Walt again. He finds Walt standing in front of the white light, mesmerized. Walt asks if Johnny's ever seen anything so beautiful, because all of earth's natural wonders don't compare. Johnny thinks that Sarah's smile is prettier. There's probably a Hall and Oates joke in there somewhere. Johnny reminds Walt about when he first met Sarah in the hospital. Flash back to the same scene we saw earlier where they met at the vending machine, except this time it's Walt in the scene instead of Johnny/Walt. Death shows up and tells Johnny he's being clever. Johnny thinks it's a start. Death says that neither of them wants Walt getting upset and asks if they can keep it simple. Johnny agrees. Death is surprised that Johnny wants to bring Walt back, given the circumstances. Johnny watches Sarah and Walt interacting and says he's just trying to do the right thing. Death says that sometimes the right thing is to let them go and find peace. As Walt returns from the vending machine and sits down, Johnny angrily tells Death that Walt wouldn't like peace. Hey, give peace a chance. That's all I'm saying. The scene concludes with Walt's dad once again warning his son that Sarah has baggage.

Cut to Sarah once again telling Walt that Johnny woke up. Luckily, they filmed most of these scenes in close-up, so they probably didn't have to reshoot the whole thing every time they swapped out Walt and Johnny/Walt. Watching a lot of director DVD commentaries makes me think of those things. Death asks Walt how he felt when Sarah told him that news. Walt says he felt like his world was ending. Death points out that no one could blame Sarah, because she loved Johnny her whole life, and kept the ring he gave her the night of his accident. Cut to Walt busting Sarah checking out said ring and then lying about its importance. Death says that Sarah was lying to him and he knew it. Walt walks into the room and tells Sarah that they used to talk about everything, and now they are avoiding the truth and acting like everything is normal. Johnny walks in and asks Walt if Sarah's kiss is worth giving up. Isn't it kind of weird that Johnny is saying these things, because wouldn't it kind of remind Walt that Johnny also knows what Sarah's kiss feels like? Walt says he couldn't pick just one memorable kiss, so Johnny reminds him of the first one.

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