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Ascent (2)

Rev. Purdy wants to discuss the issue further. Johnny says that he saw the white light, and that he's seeing the world Walt is living in. Walt thinks that the light is waiting for him, and Johnny wants to do everything in his power to keep Walt out of the light. So of course, I immediately think of Poltergeist, and then I remember that the psychic in that movie played the organist in Sixteen Candles, also starring Anthony Michael Hall. It's funny how brains make those connections. Rev. Purdy doesn't want Johnny anywhere near that white light, because he came too close to dying before. Johnny says that Rev. Purdy can't stop him on this one. Rev. Purdy says he knows why Johnny is doing it, and Johnny replies, "Then you know why I have to do it."

The doctor gets Johnny all hooked up to the monitors again as Rev. Purdy and Sarah look on. Johnny reaches down and grabs Walt's hand. He's thrown into a vision of Sarah giving birth to JJ. Aw, it's kind of sad, because it's really Johnny's son. J/W insists that they name the baby John. Cut to Sarah telling J/W that Johnny woke up. Cut to Sarah and J/W walking outside, and J/W is still holding the umbrella. At first, you're meant to think this is the scene from before where Sarah told Walt that she and Johnny were taking a break, but as Sarah talks, you realize that this scene took place while Johnny was still in a coma. Sarah talks about trying to come to grips with the fact that Johnny may never wake up. J/W says he knows they haven't been together that long. Sarah says that J/W has been the best friend she could have in "a situation like this," and that she gestures to her big pregnant belly, so this must have taken place less than a year after Johnny's accident. J/W says he's not like other men, and Sarah agrees. Then they kiss. J/W says he's been dreaming about kissing her since the moment he saw her at the vending machine. Sarah says she knows, which is kind of a weird response. J/W puts his hand on her pregnant belly, and they start making out. This morphs into Sarah and J/W kissing on their wedding day, which morphs into them kissing naked in the bedroom. Whoo! Sexy. Although it disturbs me to see Anthony Michael Hall with chest hair.

Cut to Johnny telling J/W that he was in a coma for six years. Cut to J/W busting Sarah staring at the ring Johnny gave her, and then she denies that it's anything important. Cut to Walt's dad saying that Sarah's feelings for Johnny never died, and that J/W is just in the way. Walt's dad urges J/W to let go of Sarah and keep driving as they reach a tunnel. The white light is at the end of the tunnel. Suddenly, Johnny is in the mine, and he finds Walt lying on the ground. He helps him up and says he has to get Walt out of there, but Walt insists that they find the kids first. Johnny starts to chase Walt, but suddenly Walt's dad is there, saying that Johnny is making this a lot harder than it needs to be.

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Dead Zone




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