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Ascent (2)

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Ascent (2)

Cut to Sarah sitting besides Coma Johnny's bed, reading a book. J/W walks by, in uniform, and stares at her. Cut to Sarah telling J/W that Johnny woke up from his coma. J/W looks like he's about to throw up. He sits down at the kitchen table and asks if Johnny remembers things. Sarah says he remembers everything like it was yesterday. Sarah asks how she can face him. Cut to J/W and his dad in a car. His dad says that it sounds like Sarah is having second thoughts. J/W says they're just both in shock. Walt's dad says that Johnny and Sarah were engaged, and that they were childhood sweethearts. J/W says his dad's not helping. His dad says it's the truth, because Sarah's feelings for Johnny never died; she just tied them up and put them in a drawer. J/W says he knows Sarah loves J/W. His dad says that she was a pregnant girl with no boyfriend, so she loves J/W because he was her knight in shining armor. He concludes, "Now, she's not so desperate and you're in the way." Wow, Walt's dad is kind of an asshole. The car drives into a tunnel and suddenly Johnny is himself again, back in the mine. He sees white light filling up the mineshaft, and seems mesmerized by it. He touches the white light, and suddenly goes into convulsions. Cut to Johnny in the hospital room, convulsing on the bed. The doctor orders that Johnny and Walt be separated. She rushes into the room and pulls Johnny's hand away from Walt's arm. Johnny opens his eyes. Sarah looks on, concerned. Johnny asks why they pulled him out. He touches his nostril and realizes that his nose is bleeding. Yuck!

Johnny goes in for an MRI. Meanwhile, Sarah meets up with Rev. Purdy, who asks after Walt. Sarah says that the swelling is going down, so he should be waking up, but he's not. Rev. Purdy says they've been through this before, and that she's in his prayers. Johnny walks out of the exam room wearing a hospital gown and says hello, and then makes a comment about how ridiculous hospital gowns are. At least his ass isn't hanging out. Sarah asks how he's feeling, and Johnny says it was just a bloody nose. Rev. Purdy asks what's up, and Sarah fills him in on how Johnny's been able to help Walt. The doctor says that Johnny's CAT scan looks fine, but that she doesn't like his vitals. Sarah tells Johnny that they have to stop, and Rev. Purdy agrees. Johnny asks if it's helping Walt, and the doctor admits that it seems to be. Johnny asks Rev. Purdy about Edgar Cayce, a psychic from the '30s who could do the same thing. Johnny wants to go back in. He hurries down the hall, and Rev. Purdy follows.

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Dead Zone




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