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Ascent (2)

Johnny and Sarah talk in an exam room. Johnny says that his headache is better. Sarah says that JJ is home asleep with a sitter, and that she's been busy calling all the top neurosurgeons in New England. She points out that she already had all of their home phone numbers. Johnny says that she's leaving no stone unturned, and Sarah bitterly says, "Yeah, again." Johnny says that the doctor has given him the green light to try again, even though she was a bit concerned about his headache. Sarah thanks him. Johnny says that Walt is a good man. Sarah breaks the somewhat weird moment by remarking that the doctor says it's still too early for the bucket of ice. Johnny doesn't know what she's talking about, and Sarah explains that sometimes a coma patient will wake up if you throw a bucket of ice on his chest. Johnny asks if she did that to him. Sarah says she did it once a week for a month. Johnny jokes that he remembers feeling really, really cold, and then posits that he's "a psychic bucket of ice where Walt is concerned." Johnny adds that his mind knows what it's like to be in a coma, so it might know the way out, too.

Johnny lies in a hospital bed right next to Walt's, hooked up to a bunch of monitors. Sarah asks what's going on, and the doctor says that they're going to monitor Johnny's vitals just to be on the safe side. The doctor gives Johnny the go-ahead, and he grabs Walt's wrist again, and is thrown into another vision. It begins with a bunch of jumbled images, including Sarah putting JJ to bed. I think that was a totally different kid playing JJ. Either that, or he had a much better haircut. Flash to Sarah telling him that Johnny woke up. Suddenly, Johnny has taken Walt's place, so I'm just going to call this character J/W so you know it's supposed to be Walt, but we're seeing Johnny. J/W reenacts the scene from last week where Sarah said that she and Johnny were taking a break. J/W is still holding an umbrella, and it's still not raining a drop. Cut to J/W getting soup from a hospital vending machine. Sarah walks up, and it's clearly their first meeting. Sarah gives him some tips on working the hospital vending machines, since she's been around for a while, and they share a moment. J/W walks over to a table where his father is sitting and says that he just met the most beautiful woman. His dad says she's "got a fella in a coma." J/W keeps checking Sarah out, and his dad warns him that "the girl's got baggage." J/W asks, "What are you talking about?"

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Dead Zone




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