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Ascent (2)

Previously on The Dead Zone: Sarah gave Johnny back the ring he won for her the night their son was conceived. And then they totally did it. Walt knew something was up because Sarah was being so solicitous, and Sarah admitted that she and Johnny were taking a break from each other. Walt and Johnny went into a mine to rescue four teenagers, and a falling beam crushed Walt during a cave-in. As Walt was rushed to the hospital, Johnny had a vision of Sarah at Walt's funeral.

A doctor tells Sarah that Walt's surgery went well. They examine some MRIs and Sarah points some things out, and the doctor realizes that Sarah has some experience in the "loved ones with brain injuries" arena. Sarah looks at Walt, lying in bed unconscious. The doctor says that Walt is breathing on his own and shows no sign of permanent brain damage. Sarah asks if Walt should be waking up now. The doctor carefully informs her that Walt is in a coma.

Bruce plays Sorry! with Johnny Jr., and loses. Johnny and Bruce tease the kid about cheating. Man, that kid has one serious bowl cut. Sarah enters the waiting room. JJ asks if he can see his dad. Sarah says that he can, but first explains that the doctors have done everything they can for now, but Walt is "still sleeping." Sarah and Johnny exchange a knowing look.

Sarah leads JJ into Walt's room. She tells her son that the bandages might look scary, but that Walt is still his dad, and that he would love to hear JJ's voice. JJ says hello. Johnny walks up and stands outside the room, unseen. JJ asks his mom if his dad can really hear him. Sarah says she thinks he can.

Johnny tells the doctor about the time last season when he had a vision about the heart condition of one of his hockey players. Johnny thinks he might be able to see something in Walt that the doctors couldn't see. The doctor doesn't think Johnny can do anything for Walt. Bruce chimes in, supporting Johnny's idea. Johnny says that if he doesn't do something, Walt will die. The doctor sighs and calls Sarah over to discuss the issue. The doctor says, "Johnny wants permission to use his...abilities to diagnose Walt." I love how she paused for like five minutes before saying "abilities." Johnny quickly adds that he might find something out, but that he can't promise anything. Sarah asks if he knows what's going to happen to Walt. Johnny lies that he doesn't, but adds that he knows he should try. Sarah gives her consent.

Johnny stands next to Walt's bed and says he's never seen him so still. Sarah dreamily says that it seems like Walt was always in motion. The doctor asks if Johnny needs her to do anything. Johnny shakes his head and moves closer to Walt, grabbing his wrist. Whoa, look at Walt's pectoral muscle popping out from under that bandage! Someone's been hitting the weights. Johnny goes into a vision. He's in the mine where the accident happened. He hears a heartbeat. He's flying through the mineshaft and toward a white light. Suddenly, he's in a field where a bunch of kids are chanting, "Red Rover, Red Rover, send Walter right over." Then he flashes to a graveyard, where Walt's dad says, "Your mom's not in pain anymore, Wally. And someday, we'll all meet up again." Hee! "Wally." I hope at some point they work in a reference to Wally World as an homage to Anthony Michael Hall's turn as Rusty Griswold. Flying through the mineshaft again, into the white light. Close-up on Sarah, smiling. Mineshaft into white light. The mine's roof caves in. Johnny snaps out of the vision and nearly falls to the floor. Sarah and the doctor get him a seat. Johnny tells Sarah that it was like a roller coaster, and that he doesn't think he can help. The doctor checks Walt's vitals and points out on the monitor that Walt's brain activity spiked when Johnny touched him. Johnny asks how he did it. The doctor says it's the first and only good sign they've had.

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