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Eva Guerra is once again sacked out in the back seat of a car in the desert. But this time the car is stationary, she's still wearing the blue dress she was wearing before, and she's looking pretty beat up. A black Escalade pulls up next to the car, and the driver from last night tells the new arrival in Spanish that she needs a hospital. The voice of the unseen newcomer -- which I don't think we're supposed to recognize as that of Fausto Galvan -- tells him to take care of her. The driver seems relieved, until the visitor hands him a revolver held in a black hanky. The driver reluctantly takes it with his bare hand and Galvan is heard saying, "You're a good boy" before getting back in his truck and driving dustily away. "Por favor," the driver moans while Eva barely stirs in the back seat.

Cross is watching Wade to a little rodeo riding in a corral, cutting one calf from the herd and skillfully keeping it separate, until he notices that Cross is looking upset as she leans over the high fence. "You're okay, you're okay," he says, though it's not clear whether he's saying it to her or the horse, and asks her to go get the brush. He ends up leading the horse out to meet her and is talking about the brushing it needs and a potential buyer for it until Cross interrupts, "Are you going to retire?" They kind of covered that in the pilot, but Wade says that the papers have been on his desk. "Carmen says I'm stalling. Maybe I am." Cross demands an answer, which he gives: "Not at the moment. No, I am not." She says that's good, because she wants to work The Dead Girls of Juarez. Wade asks if this is about "the supposed bride of Steven Linder," which she admits it is. Wade warns her that she doesn't want to put a whole lot of stock in Linder. Cross repeats that the car had U.S. plates, and if an American is involved it's their responsibility to do something about it. "Responsibility, yes," Wade says. "Jurisdiction, no." Cross is ready for that, saying that if an American commits a capital crime in Mexico, "Jurisdiction is determined by both parties." Wade chuckles and says she's been studying up, but even as she insists they do something while she's brushing the horse, he says, "For the last fifteen years, the Mexican police, us, the Mexican Army, the FBI, everybody has been working that case." And even with a number of prosecutions and convictions, the women are still dying. "It's a black hole." Cross says she wants to work it with Ruiz. "You'll be bored if you retire," she adds.

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