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For the second week in a row, we're beginning with a flashback. Back to the same night as last week's flashback, in fact. No subtitles this time though, just impressionistic, out-of-focus images of flashing lights on top of emergency vehicles. In muted slow motion, an imperceptibly younger David Tate -- who at this point may well have heard the name Kenny Hastings but has yet to consider assuming it as his own -- steps under the yellow caution tape that's been lifted for him to pass. Experiencing the world like Tom Hanks at the beginning of Saving Private Ryan, he approaches the flattened, smoking husk that used to be his wife's car, just a few yards into the Mexico half of the Bridge of the Americas.

He has arrived just in time to watch the firefighters haul out the flattened, bloody husk that used to be his wife. Tears leak down his face and he falls to his knees, near the spot where he'll be arranging one half each of two dead women about six years from now. While the firemen wrangle Jill's body, the necklace of silver beads she's wearing -- the same beads that have been popping up at various murder scenes all season -- breaks, spilling them all over the pavement. David Tate scrabbles for one, still in slo-mo, and examines it in the floodlights. This one has a raised rose pattern, but something tells me he's going to be collecting them all. As Jill is loaded onto a gurney and zipped into a body bag, David Tate stumbles around to the passenger side of the car. Where, upon seeing a small, still arm dangling out of the front window, he lets out not one but two piercing screams of grief and horror. This was so not in the character brief of "Ruiz's wife's coworker."

Six years later, outside the Biblioteca Sol, Ruiz stamps out a cigarette on the paving stones and examines the bead found at this latest crime scene, collected in a Ziploc bag and apparently surrendered to him by the Chihuahua cops after all. This one is large and football-shaped, so among other things, David Tate is also clearly avenging his wife's godawful taste in jewelry. Ruiz glances back at Cross, who just sits there watching him, motionless except for the shifting shadows of tonight's flashing emergency vehicle lights. Captain Robles comes up to Ruiz, saying in Spanish that he's contacted Mexico City. Ruiz promises him that they're close. "We know what he looks like," Cross adds in English as she walks over. "Has your fancy American task force arrested him yet?" Robles spits at Cross. "No! They haven't!"

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